Trans Tech

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2011978-3-03785-000-8Long Chen · Yongkang Zhang · Aixing Feng · Zhenying Xu · Boquan Li · Han ShenAdvance in Mechatronics Technology (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 43)
  ''978-3-03785-001-5Long Chen · Yongkang Zhang · Aixing Feng · Zhenying Xu · Boquan Li · Han ShenFunctional Manufacturing Technologies and Ceeusro II (Key Engineering Materials, Band 464)
  ''978-3-03785-002-2Zhihua Xu · Gang Shen · Sally LinEngineering Materials, Energy, Management and Control (Advanced Materials Research)
  ''978-3-03785-003-9Zainal Arifin Ahmad · Muhd Ambar Yarmo · Fauziah Haji Abdul Aziz · Meor Yusoff Meor Sulaiman · Badrol Ahmad · Khairul Nizar Ismail · Nik Akmar RejabX-ray and Related Techniques (Advanced Materials Research, Band 173)
  ''978-3-03785-004-6Ran ChenFrontiers of Manufacturing and Design Science (Applied Mechanics and Materials)
2011978-3-03785-005-3Ouyang Yun · Xu Min · Yang LiPrinting and Packaging Study (Advanced Materials Research, Band 174)
  ''978-3-03785-006-0Pavel ŠanderaMaterials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture VI (Key Engineering Materials, Band 465)
  ''978-3-03785-007-7Jing Tao Wang · Roberto B Figueiredo · Terence G LangdonNanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation V (Materials Science Forum, Band 668)
  ''978-3-03785-008-4José Aguiar · Lech CzarneckiPolymers in Concrete (Key Engineering Materials, Band 466)
  ''978-3-03785-009-1Dehuai ZengMicro Nano Devices, Structure and Computing Systems (Advanced Materials Research, Band 159)
2011978-3-03785-010-7Ionel Chicinaș · Liviu BrândușanResearches in Powder Metallurgy (Materials Science Forum, Band 672)
  ''978-3-03785-011-4Lun Bai · Guo-Qiang ChenSilk: Inheritance and Innovation - Modern Silk Road (Advanced Materials Research)
  ''978-3-03785-012-1R SaravananCharacterization of Technological Materials (Materials Science Forum, Band 671)
  ''978-3-03785-013-8Yiwang Bao · Li Tian · Jianghong GongTesting and Evaluation of Inorganic Materials I (Advanced Materials Research, Band 177)
  ''978-3-03785-014-5Jinsheng Liang · Lijuan WangAdvance in Ecological Environment Functional Materials and Ion Industry II (Advanced Materials Research, Band 178)
2011978-3-03785-015-2Qi Luo · Yuanzhi WangAdvanced Materials Science and Technology (Advanced Materials Research, Band 182)
  ''978-3-03785-016-9Garry ZhuMaterials Science and Engineering (Advanced Materials Research, Band 180)
  ''978-3-03785-017-6Dehuai ZengMaterials, Mechatronics and Automation (Key Engineering Materials, Band 469)
  ''978-3-03785-018-3S Itoh · J J Yoh · K HokamotoExplosion, Shock Wave and High-Energy Reaction Phenomena (Materials Science Forum, Band 673)
  ''978-3-03785-019-0Zhixiang HouMeasuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 49)
2011978-3-03785-020-6Shaobo Zhong · Yimin Cheng · Xilong QuIntelligent Structure and Vibration Control (Applied Mechanics and Materials)
  ''978-3-03785-021-3V UstinovTrends in Magnetism (Solid State Phenomena)
  ''978-3-03785-022-0Yanguo Shi · Jinlong ZuoEnvironmental Biotechnology and Materials Engineering (Advanced Materials Research)
  ''978-3-03785-024-4Wenya Tian · Linli XuNew Trends and Applications of Computer-aided Material and Engineering (Advanced Materials Research, Band 186)
  ''978-3-03785-027-5Helen Zhang · Gang Shen · David JinAdvanced Research on Industry, Information System and Material Engineering (Advanced Materials Research)
2011978-3-03785-029-9Chuansheng Wang · Lianxiang Ma · Weiming YangAdvanced Polymer Science and Engineering (Advanced Materials Research, Band 221)
  ''978-3-03785-031-2Zhengyi Jiang · Shanqing Li · Jianmin Zeng · Xiaoping Liao · Daoguo YangManufacturing Process Technology (Advanced Materials Research)
  ''978-3-03785-033-6Jianmin Zeng · Taosen Li · Shaojian Ma · Zhengyi Jiang · Daoguo YangAdvanced Engineering Materials (Advanced Materials Research)
  ''978-3-03785-035-0Huaiying Zhou · Tianlong Gu · Daoguo Yang · Zhengyi Jiang · Jianmin ZengNew and Advanced Materials (Advanced Materials Research)
  ''978-3-03785-037-4Jianmin Zeng · Zhengyi Jiang · Tao Li · Daoguo Yang · Yun-Hae KimAdvances in Mechanical Design (Advanced Materials Research)
2011978-3-03785-039-8Daoguo Yang · Tianlong Gu · Huaiying ZhouAdvanced Manufacturing Systems (Advanced Materials Research)
  ''978-3-03785-041-1Yanwen WuSport Materials, Modelling and Simulation (Advanced Materials Research, Band 187)
  ''978-3-03785-043-5David J FisherDefects and Diffusion, Theory & Simulation II (Defect and Diffusion Forum, Band 307)
  ''978-3-03785-045-9Herbert Jäger · Matthew O ZacateDefects and Diffusion Studied Using PAC Spectroscopy (Defect and Diffusion Forum, Band 311)
  ''978-3-03785-047-3Maria RichertNovel Materials, Coats and Nanoengineering (Materials Science Forum, Band 674)
2011978-3-03785-049-7Yi Tan · Dongying JuAdvanced Material Science and Technology (Materials Science Forum)
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  ''978-3-03785-059-6S M Sapuan · F Mustapha · D L MajidComposite Science and Technology (Key Engineering Materials)
2011978-3-03785-061-9Zhang YushuAdvanced Materials Research
  ''978-3-03785-063-3Zeng ZhuAdvances in Key Engineering Materials (Advanced Materials Research, Band 214)
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  ''978-3-03785-067-1Chengyong Wang · Ning He · Ming Chen · Chuanzhen HuangHigh Speed Machining (Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 188, Band 188)
2012978-3-03785-267-5Hexing Li · Qunjie Xu · Daquan ZhangProgress in Environmental Science and Engineering (Advanced Materials Research)
  ''978-3-03785-296-5Honghua TanApplied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering II (Applied Mechanics and Materials)
2012978-3-03785-393-1B Xu · H Y LiFunctional Materials and Nanotechnology (Advanced Materials Research, Band 496)
  ''978-3-03785-420-4A G Mamalis · A Kladas · M EnokizonoApplied Electromagnetic Engineering for Magnetic, Superconducting and Nano Materials (Materials Science Forum, Band 721)
  ''978-3-03785-430-3Kexiang Wei · Yuhang YangOptical, Electronic Materials and Applications II (Advanced Research Materials, Band 529)
  ''978-3-03785-436-5N Perov · V RodionovaMagnetism and Magnetic Materials V (Solid State Phenomena, Band 190)
  ''978-3-03785-442-6Hiroshi Yamada-Kaneta · Akira SakaiDefects-Recognition, Imaging and Physics in Semiconductors XIV (Materials Science Forum, Band 725)
2012978-3-03785-449-5Norlida KamarulzamanAdvancement of Materials and Nanotechnology II (Advanced Materials Research, Band 545)
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  ''978-3-03785-773-1D. A. LiOptoelectronics Engineering and Information Technologies in Industry (Advanced Materials Research)
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2014978-3-03785-962-9Sumio HosakaAdvanced Micro-device Engineering: Selected, Peer Reviewed Papers from the 4th International Conference on Advanced Micro-device Engineering Amde ... Japan (Key Engineering Materials, Band 4)
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