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2014978-3-03835-000-2Antonio F. Miguel · Luiz Rocha · Andreas OchsnerFluid Flow, Energy Transfer and Design: Special Topic Volume With Invited Peer Reviewed Papers Only. (Defect and Diffusion Forum, Band 348)
  ''978-3-03835-001-9A. Subash BabuMechanical Design and Power Engineering: Selected, Peer Reviewed Papers from the 2013 2nd International Conference on Mechanical Design and Power ... China (Applied Mechanics and Materials)
  ''978-3-03835-116-0D. J. FisherA Directory of Arrhenius Parameters: Metals (Defect and Diffusion Forum, Band 352)
  ''978-3-03835-155-9Kuang-Chao FanApplied Decisions in Area of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Manufacturing (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 577)
  ''978-3-03835-219-8D. J. FisherDefects and Diffusion in Carbon Nanotubes (Defect and Diffusion Forum, Band 356)
2014978-3-03835-301-0Pietro Vincenzini · Ali Erdemir · William G. Fahrenholtz · Michel W. Barsoum · Mrityunjay Singh13th International Ceramics Congress: Proceedings of the 13th International Ceramics Congress, Part of Cimtec 2014-13th International Ceramics ... (Advances in Science and Technology, Band 89)
2015978-3-03835-313-3Daynier Rolando Delgado Sobrino · Karol Veli´s?ek · Peter KoštálNovel Trends in Production Devices and Systems II: Special Topic Volume With Invited Peer Reviewed Papers Only. (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 693)
  ''978-3-03835-477-2Yun-Hae KimAdvanced Materials Development & Performance: Selected, Peer Reviewed Papers from the 2014 7th International Conference on Advanced Materials ... (Advanced Materials Research, Band 1110)
  ''978-3-03835-480-2Yang LiuSome Research Results on Bridge Health Monitoring, Maintenance and Safety (Key Engineering Materials, Band 648)
  ''978-3-03835-488-8Fang-jung Shiou · Jen-ywan Jeng · Liang-kuang ChenInnovative Technologies in Mechatronics and Robotics: Selected Peer Reviewed Papers from the 18th International Conference on Mechatronics Technology ... Tawan (Key Engineering Materials, Band 649)
  ''978-3-03835-505-2Apirat Siritaratiwat · Anan KruesubthawornAdvanced Engineering Research: Selected, Peer Reviewed Papers from the International Electrical Engineering Congress (Ieecon 2015), March 18-20, 2015, ... (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 781)
2015978-3-03835-506-9Rostislav Drochytka · Jan Vanerek · Anna BenešováProceedings of the Conference on the Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Buildings Crrb 2014 (Advanced Materials Research, Band 1122)
  ''978-3-03835-512-0Ismail Musirin · Shahril Irwan SulaimanRecent Trends in Power Engineering: Selected, Peer Reviewed Papers from the 2015 9th International Power Engineering and Optimization Conference ... (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 785)
  ''978-3-03835-519-9Lin Wang · Cheng Wang · Liqiong Wang · Qingming ZhangExperimental Mechanics and Effects of Intensive Loading: Selected, Peer Reviewed Papers from the 2014 Sem Fall Conference and International Symposium ... (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 782)
  ''978-3-03835-523-6Dashnor Hoxha · Ian McAndrew · Anh Dung NgoMechanical and Aerospace Engineering (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 798)
  ''978-3-03835-527-4Hardev Singh VirkSolid State Nuclear Track Detectors and Their Applications (Solid State Phenomena, Band 238)
2015978-3-03835-536-6P. Ramesh Narayanan · S.v.s. Narayana MurtyAdvanced Materials and Manufacturing Processes for Strategic Sectors (Materials Science Forum)
  ''978-3-03835-540-3Adam MazurkiewiczAdvances in Manufacturing Engineering (Solid State Phenomena II, Band 237)
  ''978-3-03835-543-4Liyanage C. De Silva · Sujan Debnath · Mohan ReddyManufacturing Science and Technology (Applied Mechanics and Materials VI)
  ''978-3-03835-547-2Risdiana · Kuwat Triyana · Agustinus Agung NugrohoFunctional Properties of Modern Materials (Materials Science Forum, Band 827)
  ''978-3-03835-548-9Elena GurovaEnergy Systems, Materials and Designing in Mechanical Engineering (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 792)
2015978-3-03835-549-6G. A. Quadir · K. S. Basaruddin · H. Idrus · M.s. Abdul MajidTrends and Applications in Mechanical Engineering (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 786)
  ''978-3-03835-550-2K. SaanouniDamage Mechanics: Theory, Computation and Practice (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 784)
  ''978-3-03835-551-9Vadim Yu. SkeebaActual Problems and Decisions in Machine Building (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 788)
  ''978-3-03835-552-6Peerapong PinwanichMaterials Science and Technology (Key Engineering Materials VIII, Band 659)
  ''978-3-03835-553-3N. NallusamyAlternative Energy Sources, Materials and Technologies (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 787)
2015978-3-03835-554-0Hardev Singh VirkRadiation Induced Modification of Materials (Solid State Phenomena, Band 239)
  ''978-3-03835-555-7Alexandra Kovalcíkova · Frantisek LofajMechanical Properties of Materials from Nano to Micro/Meso-scale (Key Engineering Materials, Band 662)
  ''978-3-03835-556-4Alberto BorboniAdvances in Mechatronics (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 783)
  ''978-3-03835-559-5Andrei Victor Sandu · Mohd Mustafa Al Bakri Abdullah · Petrica Vizureanu · Zarina Yahya · Ion SanduInnovative Materials and Engineering Research (Key Engineering Materials, Band 660)
  ''978-3-03835-561-8Risa SuryanaAdvanced Materials Science and Technology (Advanced Materials Research II, Band 1123)
2015978-3-03835-562-5H. K. Chikwanda · S. ChikoshaLight Metals Technology 2015 (Materials Science Forum)
2017978-3-03835-564-9Iulian AntoniacMaterials and Technologies in Dentistry: Defects, Processing and Characterization: Special Topic Volume with Invited Peer Reviewed Papers (Defect and Diffusion Forum)
2015978-3-03835-573-1Gow-yi TzouMaterials and Technologies in Precision Machinery (Key Engineering Materials, Band 661)
  ''978-3-03835-587-8Lenka SmetanovaEcological and New Building Materials and Products (Advanced Materials Research, Band 1124)
  ''978-3-03835-597-7Arkadiusz Gola · Antoni SwicTheory and Practice of Industrial and Production Engineering (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 791)
  ''978-3-03835-598-4Gomesh Nair Shasidharan · Muhammad Irwanto · Muhammad Mokhzaini Azizan · Baharuddin IsmailElectrical Power Engineering and Sustainable Development of Industry (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 793)
  ''978-3-03835-604-2Rattikorn YimnirunInnovative Materials and Technology for Sustainable Development of Society (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 804)
2015978-3-03835-611-0Denni Kurniawan · Fethman M. NorMaterials, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering Research Advances (Advanced Materials Research, Band 1125)
  ''978-3-03835-616-5Jens P. Wulfsberg · Benny Rohlig · Tobias MontagProgress in Production Engineering (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 794)
  ''978-3-03835-617-2Vladimir Krístek · Pavel Manas · Alexander KravcovSafety and Durability of Buildings and Structures (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 796)
  ''978-3-03835-619-6Hamidi Abdul Aziz · Meor Othman Hamzah · Fauziah Ahmad · Badorul Hisham · Abu BakarModern Civil Engineering in Trend of the Sustainable Infrastructure Development (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 802)
  ''978-3-03835-620-2Janusz K. Grabara · Sebastian KotIt Systems and Decisions in Business and Industry Practice (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 795)
2015978-3-03835-622-6Ondrej StopkaLogi 2015 – 16th International Scientific Conference (Applied Mechanics and Materials, Band 803)
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2015978-3-03835-637-0Daniel Munteanu · Mircea Horia TiereanAdvanced Technologies of Materials Processing (Advanced Materials Research, Band 1128)
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  ''978-3-03835-882-4Sergey I. PokutnyiJournal of Metastable and Nanocrystalline Materials: New Quasiatomic Nanoheterostructures: Artificial Atoms and Quasimolecules: Theory
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  ''978-3-03835-992-0D. J. FisherStrength Versus Temperature Anomalies in Metals (Materials Science Foundations, Band 88)