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2015978-3-03860-003-9Daniel Zamarbide · Dieter Dietz · Dylan Perrenoud · Matthias MichelAll About Space/The Invention of Space
  ''978-3-03860-007-76a Architects · Tom Emerson · Stephanie MacdonaldDust Free Friends
2016978-3-03860-019-0Jesús VassalloSeamless: Digital Collage and Dirty Realism in Contemporary Architecture (Architecture at Rice)
  ''978-3-03860-028-2Martin Feiersinger · Werner FeiersingerItalomodern 1: Architecture in Northern Italy 1946–1976
  ''978-3-03860-029-9Martin Feiersinger · Werner FeiersingerItalomodern 2: Architecture in Northern Italy 1946–1976
2017978-3-03860-049-7Alice Grahame · Taran WilkhuWalters Way and Segal Close: The Architect Walter Segal and London's Self-build Communities. A Look at Two of London's Most Unusual Streets
  ''978-3-03860-052-7Benoît Jallon · Umberto Napolitano · Franck BouttéeParis Haussmann: A Model's Relevance
2017978-3-03860-053-4Elena Chiavi · Francisco Moura Veiga · Francisco Ramos Ordoóñez · Guillem Pujol Borràs · Júlia Trias Jurado · Pablo Garrido ArnaizCartha – On Making Heimat
  ''978-3-03860-054-1Olivier MeystrePictures of the Floating Microcosm: New Representations of Japanese Architecture
  ''978-3-03860-063-3Hilar Stadler · Andreas Hertach · Owen Hatherley · Catherine Ince · Kate Macintosh · Stephen Parnell · Simon PhippsSimon Phipps Finding Brutalism: A Photographic Survey of Post-War British Architecture
  ''978-3-03860-075-6Oliver Elser · Philip Kurz · Peter Cachola SchmalSOS Brutalism: A Global Survey
2018978-3-03860-076-3Eve Blau · Ivan RupnikBaku – Oil and Urbanism
  ''978-3-03860-113-5Jonathan SergisonTeaching / Practice