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2017978-3-337-08295-6Philip Schaff SchaffChrist in Song: Hymns of Immanuel
  ''978-3-337-09585-7Peter Oliver OliverThe Scripture Lexicon: a dictionary of above four thousand proper names of persons and places, mentioned in the Bible
  ''978-3-337-09735-6Joseph Hyrum Parry ParryA Dictionary of the Book of Mormon: Comprising its biographical, geographical and other proper names
  ''978-3-337-18048-5William Smith SmithA Smaller Classical Dictionary: of biography, mythology, and geography. Sixth Edition
  ''978-3-337-24111-7Edwin Wilbur Rice RicePeople's Dictionary of the Bible: Describing persons, places, countries, customs, birds, animals, trees, plants, books, events, and many other things in Holy Scripture
2017978-3-337-26546-5Anonymous AnonymousHymns and Songs for Catholic children
  ''978-3-337-26577-9W. Warren Bentley BentleySongs of the New Life: a Collection of gospel hymns and choicest music for use in gospel meetings, devotional meetings, and the Sabbath-school
  ''978-3-337-26629-5Anonymous AnonymousCollege hymnal: A selection of Christian praise-songs for the uses of worship in universities, colleges and advanced schools
  ''978-3-337-26959-3Peter Bilhorn BilhornCrowning glory No. 1: A choice collection of gospel hymns
  ''978-3-337-26960-9   ''Crowning glory No. 2: A choice collection of gospel hymns
2017978-3-337-27047-6George C Hugg HuggCrowning Triumph: a new collection of sacred songs and gospel hymns, for sanctuary, Sunday-schools, prayer and praise meetings, the home circle, anniversaries, funeral occasions, etc.
  ''978-3-337-28665-1American Christian Missionary SocietyThe Christian Hymnal: a choice collection of hymns and tunes for congregational and social worship
  ''978-3-337-28973-7Robert Lowry LowryGospel Music: A Choice Collection of Hymns and Melodies New and Old for Gospel, Revival, Prayer and Social Meetings, Family Worship, etc.
  ''978-3-337-28978-2John Harrison Tenney TenneySongs of Joy: A Collection of Hymns and Tunes Especially Adapted for Prayer, Praise, and Camp Meetings, Revivals, Christian Associations, and Family Worship
  ''978-3-337-28980-5James Henry FillmoreNew Christian Hymn and Tune-Book: A Selection of Hymns and Tunes for Christian Worship
2017978-3-337-29040-5William Howard Doane DoaneSongs of Devotion: A collection of Psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, with music, for church service, prayer and conference meetings, Young Men's ... religious conventions and family worship
  ''978-3-337-29073-3Anonymous AnonymousThe New Jubilee Harp: Or, christian hymns and songs: a new collection of hymns and tunes for public and social worship
  ''978-3-337-29500-4J. E. Sweetser SweetserPilgrim Melodies: a collection of tunes adapted to hymns in the Songs for the sanctuary, and other prominent collections for church worship
  ''978-3-337-29640-7AnonymousHymns for the Use of the Sabbath School of the Second Reformed Church, Albany, N.Y.
  ''978-3-337-29660-5Anonymous AnonymousReformed Church Hymnal: With Tunes
2017978-3-337-29702-2Anonymous AnonymousHymns Recommended for Use in the Reformed Episcopal Church
  ''978-3-337-29703-9   ''Hymns for the Reformed Church in the United States
  ''978-3-337-29771-8George ReynoldsA Dictionary of the Book of Mormon: Comprising its biographical, geographical and other proper names
  ''978-3-337-29807-4George ReynoldsA Dictionary of the Book of Mormon: Comprising its biographical, geographical and other proper names. Pronouncing vocabulary.
  ''978-3-337-31072-1Alexander Macbean · Samuel JohnsonA Dictionary of Ancient Geography: Explaining the local appellations in sacred, Grecian, and Roman history; exhibiting the extent of kingdoms, and ... and epithets in the Greek and Roman poets.
2017978-3-337-34036-0Frederick A. Ober · Frederick Albion OberIn the Wake of Columbus: Adventures of the Special Commissioner sent by the World's Columbian exposition to the West Indies
  ''978-3-337-34038-4AnonymousThe Border Counties Business Directory: Comprising Roxburghshire, Selkirkshire, Peeblesshire and Berwickshire
  ''978-3-337-38544-6T. J. ConantGesenius Hebrew Grammar
2020978-3-337-43046-7Elisha A. HoffmanSpiritual Songs for Gospel Meetings and the Sunday School
2018978-3-337-51094-7Albert F. ButschBücher-Ornamentik der Renaissance: Eine Auswahl stylvoller Titeleinfassungen, Initialen, Leisten, Vignetten und Druckerzeichen hervorragender italienischer, deutscher u. französischer Officinen
2020978-3-337-58763-5Thomas PaineThe Age of Reason: Being an investigation of true and fabulous theology
2018978-3-337-67362-8Charles S. Robinson RobinsonSongs of the Church: Hymns and tunes for Christian worship
  ''978-3-337-68345-0Joseph Tuthill Duryea DuryeaThe Presbyterian Hymnal
  ''978-3-337-68817-2Anonymous AnonymousHymnal of the Presbyterian Church in Canada
2018978-3-337-69936-9Charles Hutchinson Gabriel GabrielGospel Hymn Selections for Male Voices: Vol. 2
  ''978-3-337-69937-6George F. Rosche RoscheGospel Hymn Selections for Female Voices
  ''978-3-337-70001-0Ira David Sankey SankeyGospel Hymns: Vol. 5
  ''978-3-337-70154-3Daniel Brink Towner TownerHymns New and Old: For Use in Gospel Meetings and Other Religious Services
  ''978-3-337-70921-1Ira David Sankey SankeyGospel Hymns Number 5
2018978-3-337-70950-1Charles Seymour Robinson RobinsonSongs of the Church: Hymns and Tunes for Christian Worship
2019978-3-337-74341-3William Henry Welch WelchSome of the Advantages of the Union of Medical School and University:: an address delivered at Yale University, June 26th, 1888
  ''978-3-337-74804-3Church Episcopal EpiscopalThe Hymnal of the Church: As adopted by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and ninety-two
  ''978-3-337-76395-4J. M. Neale NealeHymns for the Eastern Church, Translated with Notes and an Introduction by J.M. Neale
  ''978-3-337-76804-1John R. Sweney SweneyLiving Hymns: For Use in the Sabbath School, Christian Endeavor Meetings, the Church and Home
  ''978-3-337-77262-8Tenth Presbyterian ChurchSelection of Hymns: Printed Only for the Use of the Sabbath-School of the Tenth Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia
2019978-3-337-78064-7Philadelphia Messiah's ChurchHymns, Principles of Faith, Church Order: and divine services or occasional liturgy, for the use of Messiah's church
  ''978-3-337-78142-2Conrad Wesselhft WesselhftA Lecture on Homopathy before the Members of the Boylston Medical Society of Harvard Medical School
  ''978-3-337-78964-0Anonymous AnonymousCharters, Laws and Regulations of Bowdoin College and of the Medical School of Maine
  ''978-3-337-79870-3John RylandsHymns of the Church Universal
  ''978-3-337-80851-8AnonymousGospel hymns, consolidated,: Embracing numbers 1,2,3, and 4, without duplicates
2019978-3-337-80998-0Herman Partsch PartschThe ills of indigestion;: Their causes and their cures, in three essays
  ''978-3-337-81354-3Augustus De MorganOn the Study and Difficulties of Mathematics
  ''978-3-337-82489-1Thomas FergussonChinese chronology & cycles
  ''978-3-337-82983-4Charles C. Nott NottThe Seven Great Hymns of the Mediaeval Church
  ''978-3-337-82995-7Reformed Church in the United States Reformed Church in the United StatesHymns for the Reformed Church in the United States
2019978-3-337-83005-2S. W. Adriance AdrianceY.P.S.C.E. Hymns of Christian Endeavor
  ''978-3-337-83054-0Charles L. Hutchins HutchinsA Church Hymnal
  ''978-3-337-83057-1Episcopal Church Diocese of Pennsylvania Diocese of PennsylvaniaThe Sunday School Chant and Tune Book: a collection of canticles, hymns and carols, for the Sunday schools of the Episcopal church
  ''978-3-337-83077-9Frank Sewall SewallThe Christian Hymnal: hymns with tunes for the services of the Church
  ''978-3-337-83078-6Philip Schaff SchaffChrist in Song: hymns of Immanuel
2019978-3-337-83087-8John C. Ryle RyleHymns for the Church on Earth
  ''978-3-337-83093-9Arthur Sullivan SullivanChurch Hymns with Tunes
  ''978-3-337-83097-7H. M. Wharton WhartonWindows of Heaven: hymns new and old for the church, Sunday school and home
  ''978-3-337-83110-3Leonard W. Bacon BaconThe Church-book: hymns and tunes for the uses of Christian worship
  ''978-3-337-83112-7Anonymous AnonymousHymns and Music for St. John's Church Sunday Schools
2019978-3-337-83122-6Wilbur F. Tillett TillettOur Hymns and Their Authors: an annotated edition of the hymn book of the Methodist Episcopal Church
  ''978-3-337-83125-7John H. Cornell CornellCantica Sacra: Hymns for the children of the Catholic Church
  ''978-3-337-83132-5Edward H. Bickersteth BickerstethFrom Year to Year: poems and hymns for all the Sundays and holy days of the church
  ''978-3-337-83137-0Charles L. Hutchins HutchinsA Church Hymnal: compiled from the Prayer book hymnal
  ''978-3-337-83145-5John E. Prescott PrescottChristian Hymns and Hymn Writers: a course of lectures
2019978-3-337-83157-8Russell K. Carter CarterHymns of the Christian Life
  ''978-3-337-83506-4Joseph StoryA Familiar Exposition of the Constitution of the United States: containing a brief commentary on every clause, explaining the true nature, reasons, and objects thereof
  ''978-3-337-84740-1Reformed Protestant Dutch ChurchThe Psalms of David: with hymns and spiritual songs - also, the catechism, confession of faith, and liturgy, of the Reformed Church of the Netherlands ... of the Reformed Dutch Church in North-America
  ''978-3-337-84775-3John E. TaylorHalf Hours at the Sea-Side: Or, Recreations with marine Objects. Fourth Edition
  ''978-3-337-84938-2William J. KirkpatrickChristian Melodies: the new song book, for church, evangelistic, Sunday-school and Christian endeavor services
2019978-3-337-84948-1Anonymous AnonymousEpworth Hymnal: containing standard hymns of the church, songs for the Sunday-school, songs for social services, songs for the home circle, songs for special occasions
  ''978-3-337-85085-2Russell K. Carter CarterHymns of the Christian Life: new and standard songs for the sanctuary, Sunday schools, prayer meetings, mission work and revival services
  ''978-3-337-85314-3South Kensington MuseumThe South Kensington Museum: examples of the works of art in the museum and of the decorations of the building with brief descriptions
  ''978-3-337-85935-0H. B. SpottonThe Commonly Occurring Wild Plants of Canada and More Especially of the Province of Ontario
  ''978-3-337-85972-5Nundo Lal DeyGeographical Dictionary of Ancient and Mediaeval India with as Appendix on Modern Names of Ancient Indian Geography
2019978-3-337-87135-2Alexander Duncan DuncanMemorials of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, 1599-1850;: With a sketch of the rise and progress of the Glasgow Medical School and of the medical profession in the West of Schotland
  ''978-3-337-87232-8Anonymous AnonymousEpworth hymnal:: Containing standard hymns of the church, songs for the Sunday-school, songs for social services, songs for the home circle, songs for special occasions
  ''978-3-337-87233-5Uriah Furman Rogers RogersA pictured compilation of hymns loved and sung by Christians the world over
  ''978-3-337-87573-2Anonymous AnonymousThe Hymnary: A Book of Church Song
  ''978-3-337-87730-9Charles Seymour Robinson RobinsonSongs for the Sanctuary: Hymns and Tunes for Christian Worship
2019978-3-337-87740-8Abraham LincolnMessage of the President of the United States and Reports Proper of the Heads of Departments: Made at the Second Session of the Thirty-Seventh Congress
  ''978-3-337-88109-2John Brownlie BrownlieHymns of the Early Church: being translations from the poetry of the Latin church, arranged in the order of the Christian year with hymns for Sundays and week-days
2020978-3-337-88781-0Edmund S. Lorenz LorenzFrancis Murphy's Gospel Temperance Hymnal
  ''978-3-337-88826-8James H. Brookes BrookesGospel Hymns
  ''978-3-337-88831-2Ira D. Sankey · James McGranahan · George C. StebbinsGospel Hymns: nos. 1 to 6: 739 hymns
  ''978-3-337-88834-3Ira D. Sankey · James McGranahan · George C. StebbinsGospel Hymns No. 5: with standard selections: words only
2020978-3-337-89484-9A.C Richings RichingsChurch's holy year:: Hymns and poems for all the Sundays and holy days of the Church
  ''978-3-337-89659-1Stephen W. Bushell · William M. LaffanOriental Ceramic Art: Illustrated by examples from the collection of W.T. Walters - with one hundred and sixteen plates in colors and over four hundred reproductions in black and white
  ''978-3-337-89786-4E. J WhitlockSouvenir of our public schools, Brooklyn N. Y
  ''978-3-337-90352-7John Wesley WesleyA Pocket Hymn Book:: For the Use of Christians of all Denominations. Third Edition
  ''978-3-337-91195-9William Codville CodvilleA concordance to the hymnal of the Methodist church: Vol. 1
2020978-3-337-91290-1William Codville CodvilleConcordance to the Hymnal of the Methodist Episcopal Church: to which are added several important indexes