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2016978-3-643-90638-0John Rodwell · Peter Manley ScottAt Home in the Future: Place & Belonging in a Changing Europe (Studies in Religion and the Environment / Studien Zur Religion Und Umwelt, Band 11)
  ''978-3-643-90642-7Gerald LeppertSocial Risk Management Strategies and Health Risk Exposure: Insights and Evidence from Ghana and Malawi (Social Protection in Health; Challenges, ... International Health Care Financing, Band 2)
2015978-3-643-90643-4Lars-Christopher HueningNo Mistaken Identity - Kinshasa's Press and the Rwandophone 'Other' (c. 1990-2005). With a Foreword by Prof. Marie-Soleil Frère (Studien Zur Afrikanischen Geschichte, Band 33)
2017978-3-643-90644-1Lidia Guzy · James Kapaló 8Hg.)Marginalised and Endangered Worldviews: Comparative Studies on Contemporary Eurasia, India and South America (Ethnologie: Forschung Und Wissenschaft, Band 26)
2018978-3-643-90649-6Christoph Limbeck-lilienau · Friedrich StadlerThe Vienna Circle: Texts and Pictures at an Exhibition (Emigration - Exil - Kontinuitat. Schriften Zur Zeitgeschichtlichen Kultur- Und Wissenschaftsforschung, Band 13)
2016978-3-643-90650-2Asfa WidiyantoReligious Authority and the Prospects for Religious Pluralism in Indonesia: The Role of Traditionalist Muslim Scholars (Southeast Asian Modernities, Band 17)
2017978-3-643-90654-0Alexey KylasovEthnosport: The End of Decline (Sport: Kultur, Veranderung / Sport: Culture, Change, Band 29)
2015978-3-643-90655-7Maximilian Lakitsch · Susanne Reitmair-Juárez · Katja SeidelBellicose Entanglements 1914. The Great War as a Global War (Dialogue: Contributions to Peace Research / Dialog: Beitrage zur Friedensforschung, Band 68)
  ''978-3-643-90658-8Veronika BernardIMAGES (IV) - Images of the Other. Istanbul, Vienna and Venice (Ethnologie / Anthropology, Band 60)
2016978-3-643-90661-8Samuel NdogoNarrating the Self and Nation in Kenyan Autobiographical Writings (Beitrage Zur Afrikaforschung, Band 63)
2015978-3-643-90662-5Ineke van der ValkDutch Islamophobia (Islam in Der Lebenswelt Europa, Band 9)
2016978-3-643-90664-9Janez Juhant · Bojan ZalecWhich Religion, What Ideology?: The (religious) potentials for peace and violence (Theologie Ost-West: Europaische Perspektiven, Band 19)
2015978-3-643-90667-0Selda Ulutas AydoganTurkish Science, Technology and Innovation Policy for Economic Development within the Context of European Integration (Studien Zur Staatswissenschaft / Studies in Economic Governance, Band 7)
2017978-3-643-90668-7Christiane LütgeGlobal Education: Perspectives for English Language Teaching (Fremdsprachendidaktik in Globaler Perspektive, Band 4)
2018978-3-643-90670-0Carmen BrandtThe 'Bedes' of Bengal: Establishing an Ethnic Group through Portrayals (Transdisciplinary South Asian Studies / Transdisziplinare Sudasienstudien, Band 1)
2015978-3-643-90671-7Michael HochschildMoralischer Anti-Terrorismus: Postmoderne Zeitdiagnosen
  ''978-3-643-90673-1Ellen RedlingAllegorical Thackeray: Secularised Allegory in Thackeray's Major Novels (Anglistik / Amerikanistik)
2016978-3-643-90677-9Mohamed A. G. BakhitIdentity and Lifestyle Construction in Multi-ethnic Shantytowns: A Case Study of Al-Baraka Community in Khartoum, Sudan (Beitrage Zur Afrikaforschung, Band 64)
2015978-3-643-90680-9Boris KossoyHercule Florence: Die unabhängige Entdeckung der Fotografie in Brasilien
  ''978-3-643-90683-0Renée WagenvoordeIs Citizenship Secular? Conceptualising the relation between religion and citizenship in contemporary Dutch society (Theorizing the Postsecular: ... in Religion, Politics and Society, Band 2)
2017978-3-643-90685-4Lapologang Magole · Alyne DelaneyPartnerships and Power Games: Natural Resources Governance and Management in the Okavango Delta (Defragmenting African Resource Management, Band 4)
2015978-3-643-90687-8Veronika BernardImages of Istanbul (Ethnologie / Anthropology, Band 62)
2016978-3-643-90688-5Reinhold Popp · Ulrich ReinhardtZukunft!: Deutschland im Wandel, der Mensch im Mittelpunkt
2015978-3-643-90689-2Jean-Francois Goubet · Eva MarsalPhilosopher avec des enfants, une discipline nouvelle ?
2016978-3-643-90690-8Dorte HühnertNew Kind of War - New Kind of Detention?: How the Bush Administration Introduced the Unlawful Enemy Combatant (Studien Zur Friedensforschung, Band 19)
2018978-3-643-90691-5Mareike MullerOnline Media Marketing Approach on Latin American Multinationals: Analyzing the Integration of Culture-sensitive Designs (Internet Economics / Internetokonomie, Band 9)
2015978-3-643-90692-2Mechthild Leutner · Hauke NeddermannChallenging Narratives. Blind Spots of Sinology (Berliner China-Hefte / Chinese History and Society, Band 46)
2016978-3-643-90693-9Andreas Wald · Christoph Fay · Ronald GleichIntroduction to Aviation Management
2015978-3-643-90694-6Leonard LemchukwuThe Pastoral Responsibility of the Catholic Church for Justice and Peace in Igboland - Nigeria (Theologie)
2015978-3-643-90696-0Luca FerracciToward a History of the Desire for Christian Unity: Preliminary Research Papers. Proceedings of the International Conference at the Monastery of Bose ... for Religious Studies in Bologna, Band 14)
2016978-3-643-90697-7Eli Franco · Isabelle RatiéAround Abhinavagupta: Aspects of the Intellectual History of Kashmir from the Ninth to the Eleventh Century (Leipziger Studien Zu Kultur Und Geschichte Sud- Und Zentralasiens, Band 6)
2015978-3-643-90698-4Bernfried Nugel · Jerome MeckierAldous Huxley Annual. Volume 14 (2014)
2016978-3-643-90699-1Xuje JinGender and Diasporic Identities in Transnational Migration: An Ethnographic Study of Mainland Chinese Female Expatriates in Britain (Anthropology / Ethnologie, Band 63)
2015978-3-643-90701-1John O'BrienPakistan - The Instrumentalization of Islam: Political Manipulation of Islamic Theology in Pakistani History (Beitrage Zur Missionswissenschaft Und Interkulturellen Theologie, Band 35)
2016978-3-643-90704-2K. Alfons Knauth · Ping-hui LiaoMigrancy and Multilingualism in World Literature (Poethik Polyglott, Band 3)
  ''978-3-643-90705-9Raluca RadulescuMonologe und Dialoge der Moderne: Gottfried Benn, Paul Celan und José F. A. Oliver
2015978-3-643-90706-6Marius NelAspects of Pentecostal Theology: Recent Developments in Africa (Theology in Africa, Band 5)
2017978-3-643-90707-3Helene Basu · Roland Littlewood · Arne S. SteinforthSpirit & Mind: Mental Health at the Intersection of Religion & Psychiatry (Culture, Religion and Psychiatry, Band 1)
2013978-3-643-90708-0Gaetano ChiurazziThe Frontiers of the Other: Ethics and Politics of Translation (Philosophie Sprache Literatur, Band 9)
2016978-3-643-90709-7Asebe Regassa DebeloWilderness or Home?: Conflicts, Competing Perspectives and Claims of Entitlement over Nech Sar National Park, Ethiopia (Beitrage Zur Afrikaforschung, Band 66)
  ''978-3-643-90710-3Duncan Mainye OmangaThe Media and Terrorism: Editorial Cartoons, Framing and Legitimacy in the Kenyan Press, 1998-2008 (Beitrage Zur Afrikaforschung, Band 67)
2018978-3-643-90711-0Alexandra Arkhipova · Jakob FruchtmannFetish and Tabou: The Anthropology of Money in Russia (Gesellschaftliche Transformationen/Societal Transformations, Band 21)
2015978-3-643-90712-7Handi HadiwitantoReligion and Generalised Trust: An empirical-theological study among university students in Indonesia (Interreligious Studies, Band 9)
2016978-3-643-90713-4Mohamad YusufReligious Education in Indonesia: An empirical study of religious education models in Islamic, Christian and Hindu affiliated schools (Interreligious Studies, Band 10)
2017978-3-643-90715-8Sorin Radu · Cosmin BudeancaCountryside and Communism in Eastern Europe: Perceptions, Attitudes, Propaganda (Mainzer Beitrage Zur Geschichte Osteuropas, Band 8)
2016978-3-643-90716-5Wulf D. Hund · Charles W. Mills · Silvia SebastianiSimianization: Apes, Gender, Class, and Race (Racism Analysis - Series B: Yearbooks, Band 6)
  ''978-3-643-90717-2Heinz-Dietrich FischerAmerican Historians Describe the European Past: Pulitzer Prize Winning Works (Pulitzer Prize Panorama, Band 11)
2018978-3-643-90720-2Christian RitterThe German-speaking Lutheran Church in Ireland: Creating Networks of Support (European Studies in Culture and Policy, Band 14)
2015978-3-643-90722-6Ulrich ReinhardtSchleswig-Holstein heute und morgen
2018978-3-643-90769-1Meng LiangSeasonal Labour Migration of Chinese Agricultural Workers to Kawata Village: Migrant Realities, Negotiations, and a Collaborative Power Network (Japanese Studies / Japanologie, Band 5)
2017978-3-643-90819-3Shahd WariPalestinian Berlin: Perceptions and Use of Public Space (Habitat - International: Schriften Zur Internationalen Stadtentwicklung, Band 22)
  ''978-3-643-90830-8Tony HadlandThe F-Frame Moultons (Bicycle Science, Band 2)
2017978-3-643-90834-6Olena PrykhodkoConsumer Citizen as a Media Project: Dreaming the reality (Kulturwissenschaft / Cultural Studies / Estudios Culturales / Etudes Culturelles, Band 53)
  ''978-3-643-90841-4Petr SlámaNew Theologies of the Old Testament and History: The Function of History in Modern Biblical Scholarship (Beitrage Zum Verstehen Der Bibel, Band 33)
2019978-3-643-90872-8Christiane Vossemer"I want to be somewhere!": Young Malawian Nurses' Perspectives on Migration (Perspectives on Development, Band 2)
2018978-3-643-90874-2Heila ShaCare and Ageing in North-West China (Halle Studies in the Anthropology of Eurasia, Band 34)
2017978-3-643-90932-9Bruno Schoch · Andreas Heinemann-Grüder · Corinna Hauswedell · Jochen Hippler · Margret JohannsenPeace Report 2017. A Selection of Texts: Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, Member of Leibniz Association/Bonn International Center for ... Politics / Internationale Politik)
2018978-3-643-90941-1Felix GoebelClassification Societies: Competition and Regulation of Maritime Information Intermediaries (Veroeffentlichungen des Instituts fur Seerecht und Seehandelsrecht der Universitat Hamburg, Band 23)
2017978-3-643-90942-8Heinz-Dietrich FischerNazi Germany as Reflected in American Caricatures 1933-1945: Editorial Cartoons by Pulitzer Prize Winners (Pulitzer Prize Panorama, Band 15)
2018978-3-643-90968-8Jameson Kismet BellPerforming the Sixteenth-Century Brain: Beyond Word and Image Inscriptions (Geschichte History, Band 147)
  ''978-3-643-91005-9Gerhard Besier · Katarzyna StoklosaHow to Deal with Refugees?: Europe as a Continent of Dreams (Migration, Band 5)
  ''978-3-643-91072-1Peter Ehlers · Marian PaschkeMaritime Law - Current Developments and Perspectives: Publication on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the Institute for the Law of the Sea and ... Des Instituts Für See, Band 24)
  ''978-3-643-99745-6Gerhard Besier · Hubert SeiwertReligious Freedom: Its Confirmation and Violation During the 20th and 21st Centuries. 18. Jahrgang (2017), Heft 1+2 (Religion - Staat - Gesellschaft - Zeitsch)
2016978-3-643-99804-0Joachim Ganzert · Inge NielsenHerrschaftsverhältnisse und Herrschaftslegitimation. Power Relationships and Legitimation of Power: Bau- und Gartenkultur als historische ... and power. Symposium 22.-24. Oktober 2014
2016978-3-643-99805-7Info 7: Information und Dokumentation in Archiven, Medienbanken, Datenbanken. Jahrgang 30, Heft 2/2015
  ''978-3-643-99806-4Zeitschrift für Fantastikforschung
  ''978-3-643-99807-1Anastasios Katsanakis · Cay Lienau · Elmar Winters- Ohle · Vereinigung der deutsch-griechHellenika. Jahrbuch für griechische Kultur und Deutsch-Griechische Beziehungen
  ''978-3-643-99808-8Burkhard Fehr · Lambert Schneider · Christoph Höcker · Inge Nielsen · Martina Seifert30/2013
  ''978-3-643-99812-5Ulrich WinklerSalzburger Theologische Zeitschrift
2010978-3-643-99913-9Josef Keuffer · Stefan HahnProjektunterricht und Projektkultur in der Schule. 5. Jahrgang, Heft 2/2010