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2009978-3-8297-6616-6Kathleen BeckerBaedeker Allianz Reiseführer Iceland (Baedeker Guides)
  ''978-3-8297-6618-0Madeleine, Dr. Reincke · Jurgen SorgesBaedeker Allianz Reiseführer Cape Town: Garden Route (Baedeker Guides)
  ''978-3-8297-6623-4Ingeborg Lehmann · Rita HenssBaedeker Allianz Reiseführer Morocco (Baedeker Guides)
  ''978-3-8297-6628-9Birgit BorowskiBaedeker Allianz Reiseführer Gran Canaria (Baedeker Guides)
  ''978-3-8297-6692-0Tuscany GeoCenter Map (GeoCenter Maps)
2009978-3-8297-6693-7MairDumontUmbria and the Marches GeoCenter Map (GeoCenter Maps)
  ''978-3-8297-6700-2Sardinia GeoCenter Euro Map (GeoCenter Euro Map S.)
2010978-3-8297-6703-3Sicily GeoCenter Euro Map (GeoCenter Maps)
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2018978-3-8297-6720-0MairdumontMarco Polo Finland (Marco Polo Maps)
2016978-3-8297-6723-1Marco PoloMarco Polo Iceland
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2016978-3-8297-6730-9Marco PoloMarco Polo South Africa, Namibia, Botswana
2012978-3-8297-6731-6MairdumontMarco Polo Map Morocco (Marco Polo Maps)
2011978-3-8297-6734-7   ''Marco Polo Canada (Marco Polo Maps)
2016978-3-8297-6737-8Marco PoloMarco Polo USA East
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2017978-3-8297-6741-5Marco PoloMarco Polo Florida
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  ''978-3-8297-6746-0   ''Marco Polo Australia
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2017978-3-8297-6748-4Marco PoloMarco Polo Tuscany (Marco Polo Maps)
2016978-3-8297-6749-1Marco Polo Travel PublishingMarco Polo Sardinia (Marco Polo Maps)
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2013978-3-8297-6756-9Marco Polo TravelMarco Polo Costa Brava Map
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2012978-3-8297-6770-5Marco PoloMarco Polo Umbria & Marches
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2016978-3-8297-6777-4   ''World Political Wall Map (Marco Polo Maps)
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  ''978-3-8297-6781-1   ''Marco Polo Southern England Wales: With Scenic Routes and Places of Interest, Fold-out Overview Map, Distance Table, Index of Place Names, City Maps London, Cardiff (Marco Polo Maps)
2012978-3-8297-6801-6Ralf Becks · Achim Bourmer · Astrid Feltes-Peter · Heide Marie Karin Geiss · Volker HohfeldBaedeker Turkish Coast (Baedeker Guides)
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2012978-3-8297-6808-5Eva-Maria Blattner · Jutta Buness · Helga Cabos · Rainer Eisenschmid · Carmen Galenschovski · Peter JordanBaedeker Allianz Reiseführer Vienna (Baedeker Guides)
2015978-3-8297-6837-5Marco PoloMadeira Marco Polo Travel Handbook (Marco Polo Handbooks)
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2013978-3-8297-7023-1Marco PoloFlorida Marco Polo Holiday Map (Marco Polo Holiday Maps)
2017978-3-8297-7024-8   ''Marco Polo Gran Canaria Holiday Map (Marco Polo Holiday Map)
2013978-3-8297-7025-5   ''Marco Polo Holiday Map Lanzarote
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2013978-3-8297-7028-6Marco PoloMarco Polo Holiday Map Tenerife
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2019978-3-8297-7036-1Marco Polo Travel PublishingMarco Polo Holiday Map Mallorca