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2012978-3-8465-8908-3Manjunath BasavaiahDesign and Implementation of Embedded Web Server: Embedded Web Server
  ''978-3-8465-8909-0Negeri LenchoCommunication for Development and Democratization: Journalistic Practices and Challenges
  ''978-3-8465-8910-6Yuko HijikataThe chunking process of Japanese EFL readers: Focusing on verb bias, L2 reading proficiency, and working memory
  ''978-3-8465-8911-3Nurul SiddiquiGastropodan hemocyanin: Phenoloxidase activity, antigenicity and immunological relationship with alpha-macroglobulin
  ''978-3-8465-8912-0Jibin JohnsonRole of Line Delivery Performance in Supply Chain Management: Safety Stock, Reorder Point, FIFO, Service Level
2012978-3-8465-8914-4Ekaterina KostyashinaSovremennyy glyantsevyy zhurnal: parametry lingvokognitivnogo opisaniya: Monografiya
  ''978-3-8465-8916-8Nuhu SamailaReservoir Potentials of the Upper Bima Sandstone: Upper Benue Trough, N.E. Nigeria
  ''978-3-8465-8917-5Avinash DagaA Study of Crystallization Process in Chalcogenide Se70Te27Sn3 Glass: A Study of Chalcogenide Glass
  ''978-3-8465-8918-2Tasneem Rehna · Rubina HanifDepression, Cognitive Errors, and Anxiety among Adolescents: A Comparison of Depressed and Non-Depressed
  ''978-3-8465-8919-9John PicklesMan, God, or Both: Trinity by Two Late Renaissance Italian Artists: An Examination of the Notion of Human-Divine Paradox in Trinity as Typified by Two Images from Late Quattrocento Italy
2012978-3-8465-8921-2Hardik Prajapati · Rajesh K. Patel · Bhuvan P. RavalGood Clinical Practices: Quality Assurance Systems
  ''978-3-8465-8923-6G.S. Prasad Nalla · Sri Rama Krishna Gandham · Sushuma NallaManagement of Municipal corporations In Andhra Pradesh: A study on Management of Narasapur Municipal Council
  ''978-3-8465-8924-3Helen RobertsNot Musical Enough: Student teachers' musical self and identity for teaching children aged 3 to 11
  ''978-3-8465-8926-7Abdul-Malik AdamEvidence of the Investment Development Path Hypothesis in Africa: Its impact on Intra-Regional Foreign Direct Investment from the Ghanaian Perspective
  ''978-3-8465-8928-1Katayoon AfzaliReading literary and non-literary texts: A dialogic approach: Reading strategies
2012978-3-8465-8931-1Nwachukwu Prince Ololube · Peter James KpolovieEducational Management in Developing Economies: Cases 'n' School Effectiveness and Quality Improvement
  ''978-3-8465-8932-8Fredrick Kisekka-NtaleInstitutional dilemmas in tropical resource management: A Case study of Kakamega Forest Belt, Western Kenya
  ''978-3-8465-8933-5Ibrahim BahIslam in the Volta Region of Ghana: A Case Study of Ave Afiadenyigba
  ''978-3-8465-8935-9Sayed Jaffar AbbasAnalysis of Genetic Diversity in Brassica Species: Molecular Based Studies
  ''978-3-8465-8936-6Nyika MachenjedzeAn Appraisal of the Right to Education in Semi-Rural Post Apartheid: A Case Study of Three Schools in Amathole District, South Africa
2012978-3-8465-8937-3Md. Reaz Uddin Khan · Abul Kalam Azad · Julekha NusratFarmers’ Perception on Climatic Variability: Impact of Micro Climatic Variation on Small Scale Agriculture: Evidence from South West Coastal Region of Bangladesh
  ''978-3-8465-8939-7Murunga Anthony Ekisa Amoo · Janet Lilian MainaEvolution of Capital Structure Choices for Effective Economic Gain: Pecking Order and Trade off Theories
  ''978-3-8465-8941-0Megan BehmThe “Opposite of People”: Theatrical Doubling and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
  ''978-3-8465-8943-4Xabier EzeizabarrenaSub-State Entities & Co-Sovereignty at the EU: An approach from the Basque Country
  ''978-3-8465-8946-5Naim Al Mahi · Imran Hassan · Towfiqul IslamAnalysis of unsatisfactory academic performance of the students: Determination of factors behind unsatisfactory academic performance of the students:A study on the students of DU
2014978-3-8465-8948-9Tat'yana TemyakovaInnovatsionnye metody prepodavaniya gumanitarnykh distsiplin
2012978-3-8465-8949-6Adnan Shaffi · Afaq Khan · Mahd RashidSCADA Principles for Bottle Filling System: PLC Programming | SCADA Implementation | Hardware Interfacing
2012978-3-8465-8950-2Aleksandr ZaytsevSovershenstvovanie mekhanizma otsenki effektivnosti mestnoy vlasti: (prakticheskiy aspekt)
  ''978-3-8465-8951-9Umesh Kumar · Sahadudheen I.The Impact of Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana on Self Help Group: A Case Study of Bihar
  ''978-3-8465-8952-6Najeem GbadamosiElements of Urban Youth Stress: A Comparative Study of African-American and Nigerian Urban Youth
  ''978-3-8465-8953-3Sharleen HowisonCooperative Education Management System Functionalities: Enhancing Cooperative Education Placement through Learning Management System Functionalities
  ''978-3-8465-8954-0Sona MargaryanThe European Union Intervention Policy in Ethnic Conflicts: The Cases of South Ossetia, Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Transnistria and Cyprus
2012978-3-8465-8955-7Ehsan SahebjalalLand suitability evaluation for principal agricultural crops: A practical guideline for selecting the most suitable crop
  ''978-3-8465-8956-4Pattra Smitthakorn · Gary W. SiebeinArchitectural Acoustics: Effects of Specular & Diffuse Reflections on Perceived Music Quality
  ''978-3-8465-8959-5Enas Sakr · Adel El-Nadi · Islam EshrahSpatial Modulation of One-Dimensional Periodic Structures: Analysis and Applications
  ''978-3-8465-8960-1Kwee Choy KohPrevalence of Erectile Dysfunction in Men with Ischemic Heart Disease: Result from a study of 510 males with ischemic heart disease in a tertiary hospital in Malaysia
  ''978-3-8465-8962-5Taqwa HarigunaPrototype cloud computing for e-government: Cloud Computing, SOA, E-Government
2012978-3-8465-8963-2Trevor AlmeidaHydrothermal Synthesis and Characterisation of Hematite Nanorods: A Closer Look at the One-dimensional Growth of Hematite Nanostructures
  ''978-3-8465-8965-6Patsy CaulfieldDisabled People in Employment In Ireland:: Is there More that can be Done to Help?
  ''978-3-8465-8967-0Jiten KonthoujamStem rot of rice (Sclerotium oryzae Catt.): Stem rot of rice - recent threat in low land rain fed rice in subtropical Manipur,India
  ''978-3-8465-8968-7Umar MahmudContext Aware Paradigm For Pervasive Computing Environments: A study of context aware systems and implementation
  ''978-3-8465-8969-4Robert J. WafulaMale Ritual Circumcision Among the Bukusu of western Kenya: An Indigenous African System of Epistemology and how it impacts Western forms of schooling in Bungoma County
2012978-3-8465-8970-0Shuai Shi3D Cell Culure: Application to a Tissue Engineered Spinal Disc: Development of Experimental Protocols for a Heterogeneous Bioscaffold-chondrocyte Construct
  ''978-3-8465-8971-7Nadeem Ahmad · Muhammad Hamayun · Samin JanWeeds Inhabiting Endophytic Fungi And Plant Growth Promotion: Isolation of Gibberellins Secreting Fungal Endophytes From Weeds and Their Capacity to Promote Plant Growth
  ''978-3-8465-8972-4M. Sankar · A. PouchepparadjouImpact of Agricultural Land Conversion: A Socio Economic Analysis in Union Territory of Puducherry
  ''978-3-8465-8973-1Uwe HermannResponsible event practices: The case of the Gauteng Province, South Africa
  ''978-3-8465-8974-8Aima BatoolFeed Affected Growth of Major Carps: Growth Studies of Major Carps in Poultry Droppings Fertilized Ponds Supplemented with Corn Gluten
2012978-3-8465-8975-5Elena Gennad'evna SosnovskikhGosudarstvenno-konfessional'nye otnosheniya v period perestroyki: 1985-1991gg. (na materialakh Chelyabinskoy oblasti)
  ''978-3-8465-8976-2Jagadev BiradarAutomotive Chassis Sizing Optimization: For Modal and Disttortion Criteria
  ''978-3-8465-8977-9Inna ChmykhUpravlenie kachestvom obrazovaniya v vuze: Yazykovaya lichnost' v mezhkul'turnom obshchenii
  ''978-3-8465-8979-3Negussie Zeray GebruImpacts of Jatropha production on Household Food poverty: Calorie intake improvement through jatropha production
2013978-3-8465-8980-9N. KavithaBusiness Accounting & Finance: Understanding the general concepts
2012978-3-8465-8981-6Munazza Rafique · Muhammad Yaseen · Wazir AhmedNon-Conventional Technology for Okra Production: Technology Based on Soil Conditioning by Humic acid and Nitrification Inhibition by Soil Applied Calcium Carbide
  ''978-3-8465-8982-3Kirti RaniProduction of secondary metabolites: Production of antibiotics, amino acids, enzymes and use of microbes as bio-factories
2012978-3-8465-8983-0Kirti RaniProduction of amylase and alkaline phosphatase: Production technology of amylase & alkaline phosphatase from biological sources
  ''978-3-8465-8984-7Lokendra Kumar Balyan · Pravir Dutth-p Spectral Element Method for Elliptic Eigenvalue Problems: Eigenvalue Problems on Non-smooth domains
  ''978-3-8465-8987-8Yosef Taye-GezmeCivil Service Reform in Service Delivery: Service Delivery in Developing Countries: The case Adama Town in Ethiopia
  ''978-3-8465-8988-5Margot HillStakeholder Responses to Climate Change in the Swiss Alps: Climate Change Adaptation in Alpine Tourism
  ''978-3-8465-8989-2Imad Mohamedtahir FadlallaMolecular Epidemiology of antimicrobial resistant salmonellae: Antimicrobial Resistent Salmonella
2012978-3-8465-8990-8Shagufta NazPrevalence of Visual Disability in Retinitis Pigmentosa Patients: Predominance of visual disability in retinitis pigmentosa patients from Lahore
  ''978-3-8465-8991-5Dewan Taslima Akhter · Riaz Uddin · Md. Sohel RanaNifidipine Matrix Tablet: Formulation Development and Evaluation
  ''978-3-8465-8993-9Gyanendra ShakyaTowards Revitalizing Bagmati River: Exploring Urban Transformations and its Implication to Bagmati River, its Adjoining Urban Areas in Sankhamul and People
  ''978-3-8465-8994-6Conrad TiflinLSTM Recurrent Neural Networks for Signature Verification: A Novel Approach
  ''978-3-8465-8995-3Muhammad Imran SohailHypertension:Stepping stone of autoimmunity: Identifying the role of versatile regulators
2012978-3-8465-8996-0Mahboob Ul HussainZebrafish retinal connexins, zfCx55.5 and zfCx52.6.: Expression & regulation
  ''978-3-8465-8997-7Sorin M.S. KrammerInnovation Systems, Technology Diffusion and Industrial Linkages: Empirical essays on developing and transition economies
  ''978-3-8465-8999-1Vijay M. Waghulkar · Kiran K. Tapar · Pandurang R. RathodA Practical Approach on Chiral HPLC: Pharmaceutical Instrumentation Technology
  ''978-3-8465-9114-7Fahad Tanveer · Waqas Ahmed · Muhammad WaqasMultipurpose Wall Climbing Robot (FADITRON): Microcontroller, RC Servo Motors, BLDC Motor, FM Transmitter & Receiver
2013978-3-8465-9133-8Mohsin AdeelImplementation of a PID Controller on FPGA for DC Motor Speed