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2005978-3-86127-901-3Chris OlsenHot Line to Your Horse: A Pressure Point System for Solving Muscle Problems (Understanding Your Horse)
2002978-3-86127-902-0Kurd A. von ZiegnerElements of Dressage: A Guide for Training the Young Horse
  ''978-3-86127-903-7Renate EttlPractical Horse Massage: Techniques for Loosening and Stretching Muscles (Understanding Your Horse)
  ''978-3-86127-904-4Renate EttlTraining Your Foal: Raising a Foal - From Birth to Backing
  ''978-3-86127-905-1Clarissa L. BuschRiding AIDS: Basic Terms of Harmonious Communication With Rider & Horse: Basic Terms of Harmonious Communication Between Rider and Horse (Understanding Your Horse)
2005978-3-86127-906-8Kai KrelingHorses' Teeth and Their Problems: Prevention, Recognition, Treatment (Cadmos Horse Guides)
2003978-3-86127-907-5Clarissa L. BuschShow Jumping Made Easy: The Way to Successful Show Jumping (Understanding Your Horse)
2004978-3-86127-908-2Erika ProcklLearning to Ride as an Adult: A New Riding Manual and Training Programme
  ''978-3-86127-909-9Angelika SchmelzerHorse Behaviour Explained: Behavioural Science for Riders (Understanding Your Horse)
2004978-3-86127-911-2Alfons J. DietzTraining the Horse in Hand: The Classical Iberian Principles
2005978-3-86127-912-9Erika ProcklLearning to Ride as an Adult: The New Manual of Riding and Movement Instructions
  ''978-3-86127-913-6Birgit van Damsen · Romo SchmidtMy Fat Horse!: How to Help Your Horse Lose Weight (Understanding Your Horse)
  ''978-3-86127-914-3Anke RüsbüldtFirst Aid for My Horse (Understanding Your Horse)
2006978-3-86127-915-0Cathy Tindall · Jaki BellShiatsu for your horse: Enhance Your Horse's Wellbeing and Happiness
2005978-3-86127-916-7Daniela BolzeSchooling as you hack: Getting Your Horse Fit
2006978-3-86127-917-4Robert J. SchinkeThe Thinking Rider: Unlock Your Peak Performance
2005978-3-86127-918-1Karin KattwinkelYour First Foal: Horse Breeding for Beginners
2009978-3-86127-919-8Egon Von NeindorffThe Art of Classical Horsemanship
2006978-3-86127-920-4Renate EttlHow to Keep Your Horse Calm and Relaxed: Techniques for Schooling and Competing: Relaxation Techniques for Schooling and Competing (Understanding Your Horse)
  ''978-3-86127-921-1Marion BrehmerBach Flower Remedies for your horse: The Relaxation and Alleviation of Symptoms
  ''978-3-86127-922-8Christina SondermannPlaytime for your dog: Keep Him Busy Throughout the Day
2006978-3-86127-923-5Brigitte Rauth- WidmannYour Dog's Senses: Understand How He Perceives His World
  ''978-3-86127-924-2Michael KunzDressage from Medium to Grand Prix: Recognising and Correcting Problems (Cadmos Horse Guides)
  ''978-3-86127-925-9Claudia NaujoksHomeopathy for My Horse: Holistic help for the most common ailments and diseases: Understanding All About It Through Common Illnesses (Understanding Your Horse)
2007978-3-86127-926-6Hans-Heinrich JörgensenSchüssler Tissue Salts for Horses: Healthy and Fit with Minerals (Understanding Your Horse)
  ''978-3-86127-927-3Anders HallgrenMental Activation: Ways to Stimulate Your Dog's Brain and Avoid Boredom
2008978-3-86127-928-0Linda WeritzHorse Sense and Horsemanship: Rankings, Partnership, Energy Transfer
  ''978-3-86127-929-7Christiane LiebeckMantrailing, englische Ausgabe: How to Train Your Bloodhound
2002978-3-86127-930-3Cornelia KollerEndurance Riding: Tips for Beginners (Cadmos Horse Guides)
2005978-3-86127-931-0Anke RusbuldtVaccination & Worming of Horses: What You Need to Know (Cadmos Horse Guides)
2002978-3-86127-932-7Anne-Katrin HagenFirst Steps in Dressage: Basic Training for Horse and Rider (Cadmos Horse Guides)
2003978-3-86127-933-4Ina G. SommermeierCorrect Seat: Tips for Riders on How to Achieve Better Balance (Cadmos Horse Guides)
2005978-3-86127-934-1Renate EttlWestern Riding: Tips for Beginners (Cadmos Horse Guides)
2005978-3-86127-935-8Anke RüsbüldtMud Fever: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment (Cadmos Horse Guides)
2003978-3-86127-936-5Alfons J. Dietz · Daniela BolzeLong Reining: The Correct Approach (Cadmos Horse Guides)
2005978-3-86127-937-2Anne-katrin HagenStructured Schooling of Horses: Foundations of Success: Foundations for Success (Cadmos Horse Guides)
  ''978-3-86127-938-9Angelika SchmelzerBest Turned Out!: Tips for a Well Groomed Horse (Cadmos Horse Guides)
2004978-3-86127-939-6   ''Horse Talk: The Language of Horses (Cadmos Horse Guides)
2005978-3-86127-940-2Andrea Holst · Daniela BolzeFirst Aid: How to Save Your Horse in an Emergency (Cadmos Horse Guides)
2004978-3-86127-942-6Anne-Katrin HagenRider's Aids: How to Get It Right (Cadmos Horse Guides)
2005978-3-86127-943-3Birgit van DamsenInsect Protection for Horses (Cadmos Horse Guides)
  ''978-3-86127-944-0   ''Hacking Out Safely: Safety Tips for Horse and Rider (Cadmos Horse Guides)
  ''978-3-86127-945-7Andrea Holst · Daniela BolzeColic: Causes, Prevention and Treatment (Cadmos Horse Guides)
  ''978-3-86127-946-4Angelika SchmelzerLungeing: Be Safe and Proficient (Cadmos Horse Guides)
2004978-3-86127-947-1Anne-Katrin HagenFrom Flatwork to Jumping: Schooling Over Poles (Cadmos Horse Guides)
2005978-3-86127-948-8Carola von Kessel · Irmtraud GuheUnderstanding Horses with Caddie
2005978-3-86127-949-5Carola von Kessel · Irmtraud GuheHorse Care with Caddie
  ''978-3-86127-950-1Heike GroßBeware Poison!: A Horse-owner's Guide to Harmful and Indigestible Plants (Cadmos Horse Guides)
  ''978-3-86127-951-8Anke RüsbüldtHorse Anatomy: Easy-to-understand and Comprehensive (Cadmos Horse Guides)
2008978-3-86127-953-2Philippe KarlTwisted Truths of Modern Dressage: A Search for a Classical Alternative
  ''978-3-86127-954-9Claudia GötzFree Jumping - A Practical Handbook: Gymnastic Work, Training, Development
  ''978-3-86127-956-3Birgit van DamsenImproving Performance: Creative Ways to Motivate Your Horse (Understanding Your Horse)
2008978-3-86127-957-0Hans-Peter ScheunemannStarting out in Eventing: An Introduction to Having Fun Cross-country
  ''978-3-86127-958-7Uli KöppelThe Pack Concept: The Simple Truth About Living with Dogs
  ''978-3-86127-959-4Gabriele LehariBringing up Puppy: Everything You Need to Know About Care and Training
  ''978-3-86127-960-0Manuela ZaitzTrick School for Dogs: Fun Games to Challenge and Bond
2009978-3-86127-961-7Monika GutmannLine Training for Dogs: How It's Done
  ''978-3-86127-962-4Nicole RöderWhose Sofa is it anyway?
2009978-3-86127-963-1Heinrich Frhr. von SendenLong Reining to Break Horses to Harness
  ''978-3-86127-964-8Oliver HilbergerSchooling Exercises in-hand
  ''978-3-86127-965-5Claudia JungCaring for the Older Horse
  ''978-3-86127-966-2Martina BraunChat to your Cat
  ''978-3-86127-967-9Martina BraunClicker Training for Clever Cats
2009978-3-86127-968-6Alain Laurioux · Guillaume HenryGreat European Schools Classical Dressage
  ''978-3-86127-969-3Jean-claude RacinetFalling for Fallacies: Misleading Commonplace Notions of Dressage Riding
  ''978-3-86127-970-9Helena Dbaly · Stefanie SiglPlaytime for cats
  ''978-3-86127-971-6Dagmar CutkaSafe and Sound with Child and Dog
  ''978-3-86127-972-3Dorothee DahlGood Times with Older Dogs
2009978-3-86127-973-0Johannes Beck- BroichsitterLateral Work
2010978-3-86127-974-7Philippe KarlThe Art of Riding: Classical Dressage to High School: Odin at Saumur
  ''978-3-86127-975-4Klaus Ferdinand HempflingIt Is Not I Who Seek The Horse, The Horse Seeks Me: My Path to an Understanding of Equine Body Language
  ''978-3-86127-976-1Horst BeckerThe Athletic Horse: Building on Strengths, Overcoming Weaknesses (Cadmos Horse Guides)
  ''978-3-86127-977-8Thies BöttcherGentle Horse Training, Engl. Ed.
  ''978-3-86127-978-5Anke RusbuldtSkin Diseases of the Horse: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment (Understanding Your Horse)
2010978-3-86127-979-2Kerstin MielkeAnatomy of the Dog
  ''978-3-86127-982-2Angie MienkThe Invisible Line: A New Way of Achieving Harmony Between Dogs and Humans
  ''978-3-86127-983-9Monika GutmannMore Fun with Clicker Training