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2007978-3-902504-20-3Martyn HobbsHelbling Readers Fiction: Ricky and the American Girl - Level 3 (inkl. 1 Audio-CD)
2005978-3-902504-23-4Maria ClearyReal World Student's Book
  ''978-3-902504-24-1Maria ClearyReal World Teacher's Book
2007978-3-902504-25-8Herbert Puchta · Mario RivolucriMultiple Intelligences in EFL: Exercises for secondary and adult students (The Resourceful Teacher Series)
2008978-3-902504-29-6Herbert Puchta · Mario Rinvolucri · Scott ThornburyTeaching Grammar Creatively: A practical new resource book that offers a variety of lessons and activities for everyday use in your English language ... CD (The Resourceful Teacher Series)
2007978-3-902504-41-8Martyn HobbsHelbling Readers Fiction: Holly the Eco Warrior - Level 2 (inkl. 1 Audio-CD)
2008978-3-902504-78-4Tim MurpheyLanguage Hungry!: An introduction to language learning fun and self-esteem (The Resourceful Teacher Series)
  ''978-3-902504-84-5Jane Arnold · Mario Rinvolucri · Herbert PuchtaImagine That!: Mental imagery in the EFL classroom. With CD-ROM / Audio CD (The Resourceful Teacher Series)
  ''978-3-902504-90-6Maria ClearyTalking Culture: mit CD-ROM
2007978-3-902504-99-9Christine Frank · Mario RinvolucriCreative Writing: Activities to help students produce meaningful texts (The Resourceful Teacher Series)