Basler Afrika Bibliographien

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2008978-3-905758-08-5William Büttiker-OttoMemories of a Scientist: The Carp Expedition to the Save River in Zimbabwe and Mozambique
2009978-3-905758-09-2Georgio Miescher · Lorena Rizzo · Jeremy SilvesterPosters in Action: Visuality in the making of an African Nation
  ''978-3-905758-10-8Anette Hoffmann · Alan FeldmanWhat We See: Reconsidering an Anthropometrical Collection from Southern Africa: Images, Voices, and Versioning
  ''978-3-905758-12-2Kwandiwe KondloIn the Twilight of the Revolution: The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (South Africa) 1959 - 1994
2010978-3-905758-14-6Martin Chatfield LegassickThe Politics of a South African Frontier: The Griqua, the Sotho-Tswana and the Missionaries, 1780-1840
  ''978-3-905758-16-0Israel GoldblattBuilding Bridges. Namibian Nationalists Clemens Kapuuo, Hosea Kutako, Brendan Simbwaye, Samuel Witbooi
2011978-3-905758-17-7Hans-Joachim VergauNegotiating the Freedom of Namibia
  ''978-3-905758-19-1Hans BuserIn Ghana at Independence: Stories of a Swiss Salesman
2011978-3-905758-22-1Bennett KangumuContesting Caprivi. a History of Colonial Isolation and Regional Nationalism in Namibia
2014978-3-905758-33-7Gertrud StiehleErika Sutter: Seen with Other Eyes. Memories of a Swiss Eye Doctor in Rural South Africa