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2019978-3-907269-25-1Patrick D LightmanDark Psychology Secrets: Learn the trade's secret techniques of covert manipulation, emotional exploitation, deception, hypnotism, brainwashing, mind ... - Including case studies and DIY-tests
  ''978-3-907269-26-8   ''Dark Psychology Secrets: How to spot red flags and defend against covert manipulation, emotional exploitation, deception, hypnosis, brainwashing and ... people Including DIY self-defense techniques
  ''978-3-907269-27-5   ''Dark Psychology Secrets: The Narcissist's Secret Playbook Of Psychological Warfare - How To Defend Against Covert Manipulation, Exploitation, ... Neuro-linguistic Programming In Everyday Life
  ''978-3-907269-28-2   ''Dark Psychology Secrets: The Covert Sociopath Next Door - How To Spot Sociopaths And Break Free From Covert Manipulation, Exploitation, Extreme Bullying, And Emotional Violence
2020978-3-907269-31-2Patrick LightmanDark Psychology Mastery: The Ultimate Collection To Master The Secrets Of Dark Psychology Using Covert Manipulation, Emotional Exploitation, ... - Including Case Studies And DIY-T