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1985978-3-908001-01-0HelvetasManual for Rural Water Supply: With Many Detailed Constructional Scale-Drawings
  ''978-3-908001-03-4   ''Manuel Technique pour l'Approvisionnement en Eau des Zones Rurales
1988978-3-908001-12-6Andreas Bachmann · Heinz WaldvogelResidential and Non-residential Drinking Water Installations and Drainage Requirements in Nepal
1999978-3-908001-13-3Alex Arter · Ueli MeierHydraulics Engineering Manual: Harnessing water power on a small scale
  ''978-3-908001-14-0Ernst Bollinger · Peter ReinhardLandwirtschaftliche Beratung: Ein leitfaden fuer beraterinnen und berater
1992978-3-908001-15-7R. Widmer · Alex ArterVillage Electrification (MHPG Series, Band 5)
1999978-3-908001-18-8MeierMhp Information Package: Harnessing Water Power on a Small Scale (French Edition)
1990978-3-908001-19-5G. W FischerGovernor Product Information (MHPG Series, Band 8)
2002978-3-908001-20-1Ernst Bollinger · Peter ReinhardAgricultural Extension: Guidelines for extension workers in rural areas
1999978-3-908001-21-8   ''Vulgarisation Agricole: Un guide pour vulgarisatrices et vulgarisateurs
  ''978-3-908001-22-5   ''Extension Agricola: Una guia para asesoras y asesores en zonas rurales
2002978-3-908001-23-2Hans Erik Gram · Paul GutQuality Control Guidelines for FCR (FCR/MCR Toolkit)
  ''978-3-908001-24-9Paul GutStandards Guidelines for FCR Technology (FCR/MCR Toolkit)
2002978-3-908001-25-6Hans Erik Gram · Paul GutProduction Guide (FCR/MCR Toolkit, Band 22)
  ''978-3-908001-27-0Paul GutRoof Structure Guide: Element 24 (FCR/MCR Toolkit)
  ''978-3-908001-28-7   ''Roof Cover Guide: Design and Construction of FCR/MCR Roof Covering FCR (FCR/MCR Toolkit, Band 25)
1994978-3-908001-29-4Paul GutTeaching FCR/MCR Technology: Fcr/Mcr Toolkit: Element 3
2002978-3-908001-30-0Mariquita Sijo Dimamay · Derrick Ikin · P.J. BoermannMarketing and Selling Guide for FCR (FCR/MCR Toolkit)
  ''978-3-908001-35-5Peter HartmannRoad Projects Manggarai: Handbook for instruction courses on labour-based road construction
  ''978-3-908001-39-3Paul Gut · Dieter AckerknechtClimate Responsive Building: Appropriate Building Construction in Tropical and Subtropical Regions
  ''978-3-908001-40-9M Diggelman · W OsterwalderConstruction and Design Manual: Bored Piles with Bentonite Medium Span Steel Truss Bridges
  ''978-3-908001-41-6Urs HeierliEnvironmental Limits to Motorisation: Non-motorised transport in developed and developing countries
2002978-3-908001-44-7Roland StulzAppropriate Building Materials
  ''978-3-908001-45-4Werner FuchsWater and Sanitation Knowledge System: An instrument for the evaluation of interacting processes in water and sanitation projects
1994978-3-908001-46-1Ueli Scheuermeier · Sylvia BrunholdThesen zur Beratung im laendlichen Raum: Tuki - der Lichtbringer
  ''978-3-908001-47-8Paul GutDirectives pour la Conception des Normes
  ''978-3-908001-48-5Hans Erik Gram · Paul GutManuel de production
  ''978-3-908001-49-2   ''Directives pour le Controle de Qualite
2002978-3-908001-50-8K. GoldsmithRole of the Private Sector in the Small-Scale Hydropower Field
1995978-3-908001-51-5Ueli ScheuermeierPrecepts for Extension in a Rural Context: Tuki - the bringer of light
2002978-3-908001-52-2Zakaria FarahCamel Milk: Properties and Products
1999978-3-908001-53-9SKATValorisation des Dechets Organiques dans les Quartiers Populaires des Villes Africaines
1998978-3-908001-54-6Roland Stulz · Kiran MukerjiMateriaux de Construction Appropries: Un catalogue de solutions potentielles
1997978-3-908001-55-3   ''Materiales de construccion apropriados: Catalogo de soluciones potenciales: Catalogo De Soluciones Potenciales - Edicion Ampliada Y Revisada
2002978-3-908001-58-4INTRACThe Basics of Concrete Roofing Elements: Fundamental information (FCR/MCR Toolkit)
2002978-3-908001-61-4Thierry Joffroy · Hubert GuillardBuilding with Arches, Vaults and Cupolas
1994978-3-908001-62-1T. Joffroy · Hubert GuillardConstruction en Arcs, Voutes et Coupoles
1999978-3-908001-66-9NakarmiC/Flow TB. Drawings/Manual Bx
1997978-3-908001-67-6Martin WegelinSurface Water Treatment by Roughing Filters: A design, construction and operation manual
  ''978-3-908001-68-3K. Nakarmi · etc.Diseno y Fabricacion de una Turbina de Flujo Cruzado
  ''978-3-908001-69-0P. SchubelerUrban Sanitation Management in Developing Countries
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  ''978-3-908001-71-3Martin WegelinTraitement d'Eau de Surface par des Prefiltres a Gravier: Un manuel de conception, de construction et d'exploitation
1998978-3-908001-72-0   ''Filtracion gruesa en el tratamiento de agua de fuentes superficiales
1997978-3-908001-73-7Nicolas HallThe Basics of Biomass Roofing
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2002978-3-908001-75-1SKATProduct Information: Micro concrete roofing equipment: Micro Concrete Roofing Equipment - Fibre or Micro Concrete Tiles (FCR/MCR Toolkit)
  ''978-3-908001-76-8Heini Muller · Paul GutWorkshop and Equipment: All about the setup of a professional MCR workshop (FCR/MCR Toolkit, Band 20)
  ''978-3-908001-77-5P. Schmidt · Christine Etienne · M. Hurlimann · Peter SchmidtParticipatory Extension: Insights from three agricultural development projects in Africa
1998978-3-908001-78-2Peter Schmidt · Christine EtienneVulgarisation Participative: Apercu de trois projets de developpement agricole en Afrique
  ''978-3-908001-79-9Paul GutCharpente (FCR/MCR Toolkit, Band 24)
  ''978-3-908001-80-5   ''Couverture (FCR/MCR Toolkit, Band 25)
2002978-3-908001-82-9Adrian CoadSolid Waste Management Directory of English-Language Publications and Organisations for Low- and Middle-income Countries
2002978-3-908001-83-6Markus EisenringElectric Vehicles: With aspects on developing countries
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