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1981978-3-923880-06-5Horst / Staeck, Wolfgang LinkeAfrikanische Cichliden I - Buntbarsche aus Westafrika. Ein Handbuch für Bestimmung, Pflege und Zucht
978-3-923880-13-3Tropical Aquarium Fish
1987978-3-923880-15-7Hans A. BaenschMarine Aquarist's Manual
1985978-3-923880-17-1Wolfgang / Linke, Horst: StaeckAmerikanische Cichliden II - Grosse Buntbarsche. Ein Handbuch für Bestimmung, Pflege und Zucht
1991978-3-923880-19-5Gunther K. H. ZupancFish and Their Behavior
1987978-3-923880-20-1Paul V. LoiselleCichlid Aquarium
  ''978-3-923880-21-8K. H. Wieser · Paul V. LoiselleYour Garden Pond: Practical Tips on Planning, Design, Installation and Maintenance
1988978-3-923880-30-0Faszinierende Welt unter Wasser. Buch, Toncassette, Wasserteststreifen und Salinenkrebseier
978-3-923880-31-7Farbe im Aquarium - Labyrinthfische. Ein Handbuch für Bestimmung, Pflege und Zucht
1988978-3-923880-35-5Dorothy Silkstone RichardsPractical Guide to Selecting a Cat
1989978-3-923880-36-2Mark LaddA Dog Owner's Guide to the Doberman
978-3-923880-37-9The Manual of Fish Health
1989978-3-923880-38-6Roy AllanA Dog Owner's Guide to German Shepherd Dogs
  ''978-3-923880-39-3Paul V. LoiselleFishkeeper's Guide to African Cichlids: A Splendid Introduction to This Diverse and Attractive Group of Tropical Freshwater Fishes
  ''978-3-923880-42-3Marigold TimsonA Dog Owner's Guide to Golden Retrievers
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1990978-3-923880-50-8Pet Keepers Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians
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1984978-3-923880-52-2Dick. MillsA FISHKEEPERS GUIDE TO COMMUNITY FISHES.
1991978-3-923880-53-9Dick MillsA Fishkeeper's Guide to Marine Fishes
978-3-923880-54-6A Fishkeeper's Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Aquarium: Essential Advice on All Aspects of Aquarium Care
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1987978-3-923880-61-4Peter W. ScottA Fishkeeper's Guide to Livebearing Fishes: A Splendid Introduction to the Care and Breeding of a Wide Range of These Fascinating Fishes
1987978-3-923880-62-1Barry JamesA Fishkeeper's Guide to Koi: Comprehensive Advice on Maintaining and Displaying These Spectacular Ornamental Carp
1987978-3-923880-64-5Dorothy Quelch · Phyllis WiseDog Owners Guide to American and English Cocker Spaniels: Everything You Need to Know About Your Spaniel, Including Health Care, Training, Breeding A
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978-3-923880-67-6Dog Owners Guide to the Rottweiler
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1988978-3-923880-71-3David AldertonBirdkeepers Guide to Softbills
  ''978-3-923880-72-0   ''Birdkeeper's Guide to Breeding Birds
  ''978-3-923880-73-7   ''A Birdkeeper's Guide to Finches
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1987978-3-923880-76-8Joan PalmerDog Owner's Guide to Training Your Dog: All You Need to Know About Training Your Dog from Puppy Training to Advanced Obedience in the Show Ring
1988978-3-923880-77-5David AldertonPractical Guide to Cat and Kitten Care: A Complete Illustrated Guide to Choosing and Caring for Your Cat or Kitten
1987978-3-923880-78-2Joan PalmerA Practical Guide to Selecting a Large Dog: An Illustrated Guide Designed to Held You Choose the Most Suitable Large Dog for You and Your Home from
1987978-3-923880-79-9Joan PalmerA Practical Guide to Selecting a Small Dog: An Illustrated Guide Designed to Help You Choose the Most Suitable Small Dog for You and Your Home from over 80 International Breeds
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978-3-923880-90-4The Master Gardener's Guide to Creative Garden Projects
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978-3-923880-93-5The Master Gardener's Guide to Lawn Care: All You'll Ever Need to Know About Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Lawn
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1990978-3-923880-98-0Tetra Encyclopedia of Koi
1989978-3-923880-99-7Jackie RansomA Dog Owner's Guide to Yorkshire Terriers