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2000978-3-934453-03-6Friederike GruberInteraktive Lektüre - Fallstudien zu neuen Methoden des Literaturunterrichts (Bochumer Germanistik)
  ''978-3-934453-13-5Manuel FriesChina and Cyberspace. The Development of the Chinese National Information Infrastructure (China Science & Scholarship)
  ''978-3-934453-14-2Martin WoeslerThe Chinese Essay in The 20th Century (China Science & Scholarship)
  ''978-3-934453-15-9Martin WoeslerThe Modern Chinese Literary Essay - Defining the Chinese Self in the 20th Century - Conference Volume
2002978-3-934453-16-6Walter A KochSimple Forms: An Encyclopaedia of Simple Text-Types in Lore and Literature
  ''978-3-934453-19-7Walter A KochEvolutionary Cultural Semiotics
2002978-3-934453-20-3Walter A KochCulture and Semiotics
2006978-3-934453-29-6Richard WoeslerConceivable superluminal transmission of classical information and applications ; Problem of inconsistent histories, and a conceivable proposal for its solution. Large number of conceivable applicatio
2002978-3-934453-30-2Karl-Heinz PohlTao Yuanming (Tao Qian): Der Pfirsichblütenquell. Gedichte (Sinica)
  ''978-3-934453-44-9Walter A KochGeneses of Language. Acta Colloquii (Bochum Publications in Evolutionary Cultural Semiotics (BPX))
  ''978-3-934453-50-0   ''The Wells of Tears. A Bio-Semiotic Essay on the Roots of Horror, Comic, and Pathos (Bochum Publications in Evolutionary Cultural Semiotics (BPX))
  ''978-3-934453-74-6   ''Gott und die Welt
  ''978-3-934453-77-7   ''Die Welt der Lyrik
2002978-3-934453-90-6Zhang Junhua · Martin WoeslerChina's digital dream The impact of the internet on the Chinese society