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1990978-3-9520002-1-2Patricia Highsmith · Stanley Mason · Susan TiberghienTicking Along Too: Stories about Switzerland
1993978-3-9520002-2-9Rosi Wolf-Almanasreh · Susan Tiberghien · Michael H SedgeCupid's Wild Arrows: Intercultural romance and its consequences
1994978-3-9520002-3-6Paul BiltonThe Perpetual Tourist: In search of a Swiss Role
1995978-3-9520002-4-3Patricia Highsmith · Stanley Mason · Roger BonnerTicking Along with the Swiss
  ''978-3-9520002-5-0Paula CharlesSoul Stripping: Autobiography of a go-go dancer
1996978-3-9520002-6-7John C SloanThe Surprising Wines of Switzerland: A practical guide to Switzerland's best kept secret
  ''978-3-9520002-7-4Sue StyleA Taste of Switzerland
1997978-3-9520002-8-1Susan TuttleInside Outlandish
  ''978-3-9520002-9-8Walter Däpp · Bernhard Giger · Peter KrebsBerne: A portrait of Switzerland's federal capital of its people, culture and spirit