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2013978-3-95489-000-2Anita TheisA forecast on the development of the 3D Tv market in the Us: Will 3D Tvs become the next big thing in our living rooms?
2012978-3-95489-001-9Carola Katharina BauerNaughty Girls and Gay Male Romance/Porn: Slash Fiction, Boys' Love Manga, and Other Works by Female “Cross-Voyeurs” in the U.S. Academic Discourses
2013978-3-95489-099-6Stefanie EckGalatea's Emancipation: The Transformation of the Pygmalion Myth in Anglo-Saxon Literature since the 20th Century
2016978-3-95489-387-4Max MartinAnalysis of Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Flower Producers in Ecuador
2015978-3-95489-465-9Rolf Kretschmann · Daniel WrobelAttitudes and Perceptions toward Physical Education: A Study in Secondary School Students
  ''978-3-95489-469-7Shadma ShahidThe world of retailing: An overview of retailing & Indian Retail
  ''978-3-95489-472-7Biljana IvanovskaThe category of definiteness in the language pair German-Macedonian
2016978-3-95489-479-6Andreas MasourasUnderstanding Competition and Diversity in Television Programming: Economic crisis & TV
2015978-3-95489-483-3Shahriyar HumbatovBrand Management with Social Media: In Service Industry
  ''978-3-95489-484-0Olga FrikPsychology: Workbook for Bachelor's degree programs (published in russian)
  ''978-3-95489-485-7   ''Conflict Management: Workbook for Bachelor's degree program “State and Local Government” (published in russian)