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2010978-3-8383-6177-2Zacharia ChepkaniaGIS and Road Crash: Geographic Information System-Based Integrated Road Crash Data System
  ''978-3-8383-6178-9Kim DrakeInterviewing Vulnerable Suspects: Theoretical Developments and Practical Insights
  ''978-3-8383-6179-6Arzu ALVANSources of Economic Growth: The Two-Deflator Growth Accounting Approach
  ''978-3-8383-6180-2Miguel Angel PicazoMexico´s Financial Crisis: The fundamental causes of a financial crisis during the period 1988-1994
  ''978-3-8383-6181-9Moi Kieng TingAugustine's and Wesley's Concepts of Prevenient Grace: A Comparative Study
2010978-3-8383-6182-6Man Yin ChiuWritten Orders: Authority and Crisis in Colonial and Postcolonial Narratives
  ''978-3-8383-6183-3Lydia KandetuImmigration Control in Namibia: A Namibian Case Study on the Immigration Selection Board in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration
  ''978-3-8383-6184-0Tabassum JahanCollaborative Distance Learning System: An Interactive English Language pedagogy based on Internet and e-Media platform
  ''978-3-8383-6186-4Kelen B. Pedroso · H. Spiecker · A. R. HigaSustainability Assessment of Forest Systems in the Brazilian Amazon: Study case: plantations and natural managed forests in the Jari Valley
  ''978-3-8383-6188-8Bobby Paul · Indranil SahaPhysical growth pattern and morbidity of LBW babies in a slum of Kolkata: A study of physical growth pattern and morbidity of low birth weight babies in a slum of Kolkata, West Bengal, India
2010978-3-8383-6189-5Hana RohackovaCross-Listing of Central European Countries: International Capital Market Integration based on the Granger Causality Test
  ''978-3-8383-6190-1Juan Carlos MonterrubioHost Community Attitudes: A perspective on gay tourism behaviour
  ''978-3-8383-6191-8AT?LLA Ç?MERA Study Of Turkish Biology Teachers And Students Views Of Teaching: A Study Of Turkish Biology Teachers' And Students' Views Of Effective Teaching For Improving Teaching In Schools
  ''978-3-8383-6193-2Caroline WongSINGAPOREAN FILM INDUSTRY IN TRANSITION:LOOKING FOR A CREATIVE EDGE: The nature and role of intangible resources that shape an uncertain and changing environment such as the film industry
  ''978-3-8383-6195-6Xue ZHANGEnvironmental Scanning and Information Sharing Mechanisms of SMEs: A Study of Singapore Firms
  ''978-3-8383-6197-0Brandon MerklThe Future of the Operating Room: Surgical Preplanning and Navigation using High Accuracy Ultra-Wideband Positioning and Advanced Bone Measurement
  ''978-3-8383-6199-4John RaffertyThe Realities of School Reform: The effects of managerial discourse on the work of teachers, principals, and on school improvement
  ''978-3-8383-6200-7Jozef Stre?kaOn the Theory of Generalized Algebraic Transformations: Algebraic Mapping Transformations and Exactly Solvable Models in Statistical Mechanics
  ''978-3-8383-6201-4Greta WaissiEcotoxicity and behavior of carbon nanoparticles: Fullerene C60 in aquatic systems
2010978-3-8383-6202-1Ivana Hr?zováExplicitness and Implicitness of Binary Coherence Relations: A research based on an analysis of a parallel and comparable corpus of non-literary texts and translations
  ''978-3-8383-6204-5Martin Valler · Anu VirovereStructural Capital as the Success Factor: Using Intellectual Capital to Increase the Competitiveness
  ''978-3-8383-6205-2PATRICIAH KAMAUIntegrating Spirituality with Psychology and Professional Ethics: A Lay Counseling Case Study, for Holistic Counseling
2011978-3-8383-6206-9Tewodros Gizachew Ademe · Alemayehu Seberu SeidTraining Handbook: Implementation,Evaluation and Assessment Techniques
2010978-3-8383-6207-6Cyril UdebunuWomen's Role in Plato's Political Theory: Plato's Deconstruction of the Political Sphere
  ''978-3-8383-6208-3Mehper Cihangir PalavuzlarRandom Variate Generation If the Density Is Not Known: Basics, Methods, Implementations
  ''978-3-8383-6209-0Külle TärnovMaking EU projects successful - what matters most: How to develop your proposal and form the needed consortium
2010978-3-8383-6210-6Dora DaumovaClustering as a Tool of Competitiveness: The Case of the Czech Republic
  ''978-3-8383-6212-0Maureen McCarty MurrayDeveloping Self-Esteem Through Connections to Music: Assessing Effects on Self-Esteem in Grade 3 Students Through Learning to Play the Ukulele
  ''978-3-8383-6213-7James ShieldsWorkplace Learning: Meaning, Identity and Change
  ''978-3-8383-6216-8Michael TedlaThe Economics of Crime in Ethiopia: THE IMPACT OF THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC CONDITIONS ON CRIME: THE CASE OF ETHIOPIA
  ''978-3-8383-6219-9Jorge Alberto Fox Lozano · Agustín Francisco Gutiérrez TornésRequirements Engineering with Aspects: Applying Aspect Orientation to Requirements in Software Development
  ''978-3-8383-6220-5Rolf ÖvergaardSeed Production and Natural Regeneration of Beech in southern Sweden: Seed production, an alternative natural regeneration method and the influence of liming on natural regeneration of beech
  ''978-3-8383-6221-2Zaheerabbas PatwaBeneficial Mutations in Lytic Viruses: Fixation Probabilities and Adaptation Rates
  ''978-3-8383-6222-9Eugenio MatteiMRI and implantable devices: Thermal effects induced by magnetic resonance imaging on endocardial leads: numerical models and experimental validation
2010978-3-8383-6223-6Shyamali C Dharmage · Frank Thien · Michael AbramsonHow the home environment influences asthma: Residential Characteristics, Indoor Allergens and Adult Asthma
  ''978-3-8383-6224-3Iftikhar GulFerrite Nanoparticles: Synthesis and characterization of magnetic nanomaterials for various applications
  ''978-3-8383-6225-0Muthukumar Kaliappan · J. Andreas LarssonEndohedral Metallofullerenes - Novel Materials for Nanoelectronics: Insights from Density Functional Theory Modeling
2010978-3-8383-6227-4UMAR SAJJAD · Muhammad Qaisar HanifIssues and Challenges of Requirement Elicitation in Large Web Projects: Implementation of core concepts of requirement engineering in web projects.
  ''978-3-8383-6228-1Brent BruintjiesCoping strategies of New School Principals: Surviving the Principalship
  ''978-3-8383-6229-8Silvija van DalenGovernment financing of film and film policy: The effect of subsidy on box office success in the Netherlands
2010978-3-8383-6230-4Lucas PetersDave Eggers: Escaping the Postmodern: Connectivism in Contemporary Literature
  ''978-3-8383-6231-1Grzegorz Li?kiewicz · Krzysztof SobczakNumerical analysis of the sail aerodynamics: the sail interaction phenomenon in upwind condition
  ''978-3-8383-6232-8Ricardo ChavesSecure Computing on Reconfigurable Systems: Improving Performance and Reliability of Dynamic Reconfigurable Systems
  ''978-3-8383-6233-5Lesya RadkovskaInternational Energy Policy of the European Union and Ukraine
  ''978-3-8383-6234-2Theresa RyanTourism Development: Insights from Irish Cases
2010978-3-8383-6235-9Karin SchianetzSustainability Assessment for Tourism Destinations: A Complex Adaptive Systems Approach Based on System Dynamics Modeling
  ''978-3-8383-6236-6Tenille FrankThe use of implicit praise in the classroom: Observations of the use of praise by teachers and the effect of alternating the temporal order of implicit and direcct praise
  ''978-3-8383-6237-3ALI SALMANCOMMUNICATING AND UNDERSTANDING MUSLIMS: A Brief Sociopolitical Background of the Non-Arab Muslims of Africa
  ''978-3-8383-6238-0Rakesh Kumar Khandal · Dr.Mukti Tyagi · Geetha SeshadriMetal containing polymers for optical applications: Metal Containing Composites with tailor made optical properties
  ''978-3-8383-6240-3Petra LangaGerman migration literature and intercultural learning in South Africa: A 'globalisation' perspective on German Studies
2010978-3-8383-6241-0Vilas Ghodki · Satish Sharma · S RajagopalanMeasurements of high frequency acoustic characteristics: Development of PC based techniques
  ''978-3-8383-6243-4Bruno Woltzenlogel PaleoLevenshtein Distance: Two Applications in Database Record Linkage and Natural Language Processing
  ''978-3-8383-6244-1Christopher BukenyaMeeting Farmer Demand?: Recent Extension Reform in Uganda
  ''978-3-8383-6245-8Daniela VranovskáOn Cognitive Synonymy: A Case Study (Soft and Mild): a corporeal analysis
2010978-3-8383-6247-2nguelo colinceBiofuel Impacts on Food Crisis: Case Study of Tropical Rain Forest and Tropical Grass Land in Cameroon
  ''978-3-8383-6248-9Milagros RiveraThe Use of Ghosts in Beloved and Beyond the Limbo Silence: Toni Morrison and Elizabeth Nunez
  ''978-3-8383-6249-6Nattavud PimpaGlobal Marketing for Australian Education: Lessons and Strategies
  ''978-3-8383-6250-2Isabel VieiraGlobalisation New Challenges: Macroeconomic, International Trade and Financial Issues
  ''978-3-8383-6251-9Pietari SajaniemiTourism as a socially sustainable tool for rural development: Case: Mutianyu village, China
2010978-3-8383-6252-6Marianne Jennifer GaerlanSocial influences on successful learning in a second language: A proposed model from Consensual Qualitative Research
  ''978-3-8383-6253-3tadeusz rajwerFree Cell Urbanism: An examination of Development in Green Field Sites in Hanoi as part of a New Town Strategy
  ''978-3-8383-6254-0Coralie ChevallierCommunication in Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Interdisciplinary Approach
  ''978-3-8383-6255-7Siegward HeintzeWear of Dental Restorative Materials: Can Laboratory Methods Predict Wear of Fillings and Crowns in Patients ?
  ''978-3-8383-6256-4May AzzamThe Development Of Communication Satellites In The Arab World: A Case Study Of Nilesat
2010978-3-8383-6257-1Vincent SiawMinority Shareholder Protection In Public Listed Companies in Thailand: An exploratory study of their challenges and perceptions, and recommendations forward in policy and practice
  ''978-3-8383-6258-8Sung-Chuan LeeStudies on the Properties of Sol-Gel Molecularly Imprinted Polymers: Preparation, Investigation, Analysis
  ''978-3-8383-6259-5Dominika Wola?skaVisions of the Future, Women and Nature in Ecotopian Literature: an Ecofeminist Perspective
  ''978-3-8383-6260-1Jonathan PratschkeNursing a Grievance: Hospital Nurses' Responses to Health Service Rationalisation in Ireland and Southern Italy
  ''978-3-8383-6261-8Nan Shwe Nwe HtunHIV/AIDS Risk Behaviors among Myanmar Migrants in Bangkok, Thailand: A cross-sectional quantitative study
2010978-3-8383-6262-5Manel MsalmiThe Pastoral in Robert Frost's Poetry: An ecocritical reading of Frost's poems
  ''978-3-8383-6263-2Sharon ParkerDiversity As Praxis for Higher Education Transformation
  ''978-3-8383-6265-6John KenworthyDeveloping managers using simulations: An evaluation of the effectiveness of using computer-based training simulations to develop managerial competency
  ''978-3-8383-6266-3Vincent Lal · William AalbersbergProject POPS: Monitoring Sources and Concentrations of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in Fiji's Abiotic Environment
  ''978-3-8383-6267-0Saraswathi Amma B · Manjunatha PattabiCadmium Sulphide Nanoparticles: Optical Properties
2010978-3-8383-6268-7Dr. D. SurahInvestigation of attachment line boundary layers in hypersonic flows: Heat transfer and recovery factor analysis
2011978-3-8383-6269-4Maria Luisa GuerrieroIntuitive formal modelling of biological systems: From an intuitive narrative description of biological systems to their formal computational analysis
2010978-3-8383-6270-0Shirley MontgomeryA NEW PROFILE FOR A FAMILIAR BUILDING: A Carbon Neutral Public Library Branch in Union Township in Anderson, Indiana
  ''978-3-8383-6271-7Vesa-Jussi VuoriRepetitive Structures in the Languages of East and Southeast Asia: A Survey
  ''978-3-8383-6272-4Faustino TadereraInternational Marketing Dynamics: International Marketing, Globalisation, Strategy
  ''978-3-8383-6273-1Jacinta Sintamei MashuaInstitutional Survey of producers and analysis of HIV/AIDS publications: HIV/AIDS organizations in Windhoek Namibia
  ''978-3-8383-6274-8Richard DwomohThe UN Security Council and Small Arms Proliferation: Legislating the Illicit Trade in Arms
2010978-3-8383-6275-5Pitabas MohantyEarnings Per Share:: Its Forecasting and Relationship with Stock Returns
  ''978-3-8383-6276-2Zuzana RabovaControversy over the major North American hydro-electric projects
  ''978-3-8383-6277-9Edwin CreelyTHE FORMATION OF A THEATRICAL WORK IN A COMMUNITY THEATRE CONTEXT: Creating and analysing an original interpretation of "Jekyll and Hyde"
  ''978-3-8383-6278-6Mehmet Ali KARADAG · Huseyin SENTURKRegime Switching Volatility Models: Analysis of Turkish Stock Market
  ''978-3-8383-6279-3Asish K KunduPEROVSKITE MANGANATES AND COBALTATES: Phase Separation, Spin Glass and Related Aspects
2010978-3-8383-6280-9A. B. M. NasiruzzamanElectrical Power System Fault Analysis Package: Using MATLAB GUI
  ''978-3-8383-6281-6Zenia BarnardOnline community portals for enhanced Customer Relationship Management: Getting Return on Investment through Return on Relationships
2011978-3-8383-6282-3Chaudhry Muhammad Nadeem FaisalIssues in Cloud computing: Usability evaluation of cloud based application
2010978-3-8383-6283-0H. Burç AkaSecurity Dimension of European Integration: In the context of Changing International System
2012978-3-8383-6284-7Shuang LiuFashion Market and Design Management: How does a high street fashion brand manage its new product development process to meet the demand of a new market
2010978-3-8383-6285-4Antonio Messeni PetruzzelliKnowledge Relationships and Proximity: The Analysis of Knowledge Gatekeepers
  ''978-3-8383-6286-1Marilyn KlotzYou Say You Want a Devolution: Influence Of Community Resources, Professionalism And Attitudes Toward Poverty On The Generosity Of Poor Relief Benefits
  ''978-3-8383-6287-8Marcela Iochem ValenteLorraine Hansberry and A Raisin in the Sun: Challenges and Trends Presented by an African-American Play
  ''978-3-8383-6288-5Ingrid McGowanPerceptions About Honesty: A Study of Community College Administrators
2010978-3-8383-6289-2Peeter MüürseppStructural Stability as the Core of René Thom?s Philosophy: From Aristotle to Contemporary Science
  ''978-3-8383-6290-8Asrul SaniThe Spread of HIV/AIDS in Mobile Populations: Modelling, Analysis, Simulation
  ''978-3-8383-6291-5Richard Haddlesey"Virtual Meccano": The Creation of Virtual Joints to Explore Vernacular Timber-framed Construction Methods of the Late Medieval Period (c1400-1530)
  ''978-3-8383-6292-2Natalja ShirokovaDevelopment of Conference Tourism in Lithuania: Conference tourism in Lithuania has wide opportunities for development, although requires greater information spread and more investments to be done
  ''978-3-8383-6293-9Tomas KrizekAnalysis of Banking Sector in Selected Countries of South-East Europe: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia
2010978-3-8383-6294-6Lauro Maia AmorimTranslation, Blackness, and The (In)Visible: Harryette Mullen's Poetry in Brazilian Portuguese
  ''978-3-8383-6295-3Osama KhanOSPF Concept in Intermodal Terminal: Analysis and Scheduling of machinery
  ''978-3-8383-6296-0Sandy Nesbit TracyBlurring the Color Line: Racial Identity Construction of Individuals Within Interracial Families
  ''978-3-8383-6297-7Mariarosaria CalòWhen business becomes art: Humor in english and italian advertising: How humor can make advertising better
2010978-3-8383-6299-1Cole GibasPUBLIC POLICY IN THE SAUDI RENTIER STATE:: FROM BOOM TO BOOM, 1974-2005
  ''978-3-8383-6300-4Eva-Maria Egipt-PeenmaaGrowth potential of low budget independent traveler segment in Estonia: Understanding traveler needs and providing improved services
  ''978-3-8383-6301-1Paula LlobetOvercoming Fear: Group Hypnotherapy for the Treatment of Phobias
  ''978-3-8383-6303-5Debra BatemanLooking ahead: Futures education within Australian curriculum
  ''978-3-8383-6305-9Josh MaiyoJustice in Conflict:: The Suitability of International Justice in Conflict Resolution - The International Criminal Court in Northern Uganda
2010978-3-8383-6306-6MOHD HASMADI ISMAILALLOCATING ACCESS ROAD FOR FOREST HARVESTING USING GIS: Roads for Sustainable Forest and Environment
  ''978-3-8383-6307-3Chin Kok Kwon · Shankar ChelliahMarketing Mix and Customer Retention of Herb Coffee in Malaysia: The Impact of Marketing Mix on the Customer Retention
  ''978-3-8383-6308-0Javad Foroughi · Geoffrey M. Spinks · Gordon G. WallaceNanotechnology and Conducting Polymer Fibres: Towards the development of nano-structured conducting polymers and nano-composite fibres
  ''978-3-8383-6310-3Xiao Cai · Tie DuanA Reliable Study of Software Reputation Based on User Experience: Design a Reliable Software Reputation System with Several ProposedMethods
  ''978-3-8383-6311-0Niron Hashai · Jonathan MenuhinGrowth Profiles of High Technology Firms: The Case of the Israeli Hi Tech Sector
2010978-3-8383-6312-7Ashraf HabashPaper Digital Classes: A standard to connect paper to the digital world
  ''978-3-8383-6313-4Vishal Ajit ShahReverse Graded Buffers for CMOS Technologies: Reverse Graded High Content (x>0.75) Si(1-x)Ge(x) Virtual Substrates
  ''978-3-8383-6315-8Martina HülzWarum nicht die Nachbarn fragen?: Interregionale Lernprozesse im Kontext des Strukturwandels in Süd-Luxemburg
  ''978-3-8383-6316-5Clément HurlinSeparation Logic for Multithreaded Object-Oriented Languages: Full-Fledged Verification and Automatic Parallelization of Programs
  ''978-3-8383-6317-2Moustafa SoltanPolyamine conjugates for non-viral gene therapy: polyamine conjugates for DNA and siRNA Transfection
  ''978-3-8383-6319-6Aysun K?ranThe Phenomenon of Free-Floating Violence in Post-1990s Turkey: A Chain of Violence, Two Films, Three Interlocked Rings: Gemide (On Board) and Barda (In Bar)
  ''978-3-8383-6320-2Prasad LakshmanSustainable Innovations and Technology Management - Some Perspectives: Managing Invention to Innovation Chain.
2011978-3-8383-6321-9Musharrif Hussain · Sulman MahmoodSecure Software and Comm. on Handheld Devices: Secure Software and Communication on Handheld Devices
2010978-3-8383-6322-6Lesleyann Karen Morgan'CAPTIVATED BY LEARNING': The study of an innovative organizational strategy for professional development
  ''978-3-8383-6323-3Zulfiqar Ali khan · Muhammad AdnanUsability evaluation of web-based GIS applications: A comparative study of Google Maps and MapsQuest
  ''978-3-8383-6324-0Pietro Yates MorettiThe Beginnings of Republican Opera: Gian Francesco Busenello and His Composers: Claudio Monteverdi and Francesco Cavalli
2010978-3-8383-6325-7IMANI SANGASOUNDS OF MUZIKI WA INJILI: Temporal and Spatial Aesthetics of Contemporary Church Music in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  ''978-3-8383-6326-4Buyandelger UlziikhuuRural Development in Mongolia: Role of Tourism in Local Prosperity: A case of Uvurkhangai province
  ''978-3-8383-6327-1Aiden StoopA Framework Methodology for Cumulative Impact Assessment of Wetlands: Review and Findings
  ''978-3-8383-6328-8Daily LehtmetsQuestionnaire Design of Self-Administered Paper and Online Surveys: Efficiency Considerations
  ''978-3-8383-6329-5Engineer BainomugishaResilient Partitioning of Pervasive Computing Services: Resilient Partitioning of Pervasive Computing Services
2010978-3-8383-6330-1Aleksey PisarenkoMeasurements and Predictions of ClO4- in NaOCl and Drinking Water: Kinetics of ClO4- Formation and Effects of Associated Contaminants
  ''978-3-8383-6331-8Supakorn KungpisdanSecuring Mobile Payments: Modelling, Design, and Analysis: Discovering a new way to perform secure payment transactions over wireless networks
  ''978-3-8383-6332-5Rimoon AgaibyTHE RELIABILITY OF STRAINED SI MOSFETS ON VARIED TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS: Reliability of Advanced Si Technology
  ''978-3-8383-6333-2Neville O'ConnellThe Evolution of Capital Structure in Ireland 1984-2004: Capital Structure
  ''978-3-8383-6334-9Veronika GálováChina - Economic Policy and Power: Foreign Economic Policy as an Element of Political Power
2010978-3-8383-6335-6Pamela SchweighartExercise Enjoyment, Personality, Mood, and Salivary Cortisol: A Research Experiment
  ''978-3-8383-6337-0Sean EcholsCosmology, GUTs, Strings, and the Pentagon
  ''978-3-8383-6338-7Guillermo BenavidesCommodity Prices, Options and Futures Behaviour: The Cases of Corn and Wheat with an Application to the Mexican (ASERCA) Scheme
  ''978-3-8383-6340-0Miron VarouhakisU.S. Newspaper Coverage of Arab Americans Pre- and Post-9/11: Perceptions of Deviance and Deviant Groups in the News: Did Public Perceptions Influence U.S. News Coverage?
  ''978-3-8383-6341-7Javier Leonardo Araque QuijanoDesign of Compact Reconfigurable Antennas for Mobile Terminals: Efficient Full-wave Simulation and Automated Optimization in Antenna Design
  ''978-3-8383-6344-8Isabella AkpoIntercultural communication among Unam Students: To investigate if racial segregation had an impact on the lack of intercultural communication among students
  ''978-3-8383-6345-5ERDOGAN KOCMarketing Communications in Tourism: The Influence of Gender in Family Holiday Decision Making in Turkey
  ''978-3-8383-6346-2Mehmet Yusuf Yahyagil · S. Meltem Ceri BoomsLeadership Behaviors: The Turkish Case: Transactional, Transformational, or Authentic Leadership?
  ''978-3-8383-6347-9Jakub TomczakAlgorithms for Knowledge Extraction Using Relation Identification: A New Approach
2010978-3-8383-6348-6Ali EbrahimpoorBusiness opportunities of waste to energy industry in China: a perception for foreign firms
  ''978-3-8383-6349-3Dubravka Selenic Minet · Guy MinetDetection and Response to HPAI outbreak among Thai villagers: Evaluation of current attitudes and practice
  ''978-3-8383-6350-9Muhammad Akram · Muhammad Imran ShafiFunctional Approach towards Approximation Problems: Suitability of applying functional languages for implementation of approximation algorithms
  ''978-3-8383-6351-6Meltem Soydan Karabacak · Zumrut Begum OgelProduction of Thermostable Beta-Galactosidase from Thermophilic Fungi: Efficient Lactose Hydrolysis by a Neutral Beta-Galactosidase Secreted by Thermomyces lanuginosus
2010978-3-8383-6354-7John GonzalezUnbounded Solutions of the Modified Korteweg-De Vries Equation: Local Well-Posedness Theory
  ''978-3-8383-6355-4Tiina NaaritsINFORMATION MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Practical suggestions for Estonian insurance company to develop their business intelligence systems
  ''978-3-8383-6356-1Henry LoeserRadio Liberty in the Context of EU-Russia-US Relations: What is the role of Radio Liberty in the changing Russian media landscape and what impact does it impart to EU-Russia-US relations?
  ''978-3-8383-6357-8Zuzana JavorováSecond Language at a Pre-school Age: Lexical and Syntactical Levels of Speech
  ''978-3-8383-6358-5Chandra Sekhar RoutGas sensing and Electrical Properties of Metal oxide Nanostructures: Nanostructures, Synthesis, sensors, sensing mechanism, LEDs, FETs, Carbon nanotubes, graphene, Supercapacitors
2010978-3-8383-6359-2JR, MARIO FETALVERResearch Culture in Higher Education Institutions in the Philippines: Predictors of Research Capability, Output, Utilization, and Dissemination as Components of Research Culture in HEIs
  ''978-3-8383-6360-8Endrit KullajOrganic Farming Policies for a Sustainable Development of Rural Areas: The Albanian case
  ''978-3-8383-6361-5Martin DrahanskyBiometric Cryptography Based on Fingerprints: Combination of Biometrics and Cryptography Using Information from Fingerprints
  ''978-3-8383-6362-2Augustine Uka NwanyanwuChinua Achebe's Fiction: A Study in Stylistic Criticism
  ''978-3-8383-6363-9Özge MergenRESILIENCE/VULNERABILITY FACTORS AS PREDICTORS OF COLLEGE ADJUSTMENT: Predictors of Adjustment to College
2010978-3-8383-6365-3Michael BatieCharter Schools and Market Segmentation: How market and political theory explains the behavior and racial composition of charter schools
2011978-3-8383-6366-0Suthakar KarunakaranLand Use Planning in the Jaffna Peninsula of Northern Sri Lanka: Land Use Mapping, Change Detection and Optimization
2010978-3-8383-6368-4Ryan CottamSuperplasticity of Magnesium Alloy ZK60: Thermo-mechanical treatments of ZK60 using equal channel angular extrusion to induce fine grained superplastic deformation.
2010978-3-8383-6369-1Robinson SamuelICT Integration in Enhancing English Communication Skills: Ways of using ICT tools in improving oral skills
  ''978-3-8383-6370-7Yono SoekarnoDerivational Syntax: A Minimalist Approach to Affixation in Bahasa Indonesia Predicates
2012978-3-8383-6371-4Ola Andreas LundemoTrends in shark catches: Seasonal and lunar trends of sharks caught in the protective gill nets off KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
2010978-3-8383-6372-1Roland ShamiBayesian Analysis of a Structural Model with Switching Regime: The Exponential Smoothing Method with Switching Regime
  ''978-3-8383-6373-8JOHN CHIBAYA MBUYARISK MANAGEMENT FUNDAMENTALS: Risk Management Principles
  ''978-3-8383-6374-5Hammah Noriss KwekuIssues of Delay in Land Development Process: Analyzing the Delay Factors of Planning Permission Approval
  ''978-3-8383-6375-2Faustino TadereraThe Missing Dimension in International Marketing Strategy: National Branding, Positioning, Competitiveness
2010978-3-8383-6376-9Sudipta BeraCharacterization of Femtosecond Laser Ablation and Deposition: Characterization of Femtosecond Laser Ablation and Deposition by Use of Spectral Interferometry
  ''978-3-8383-6378-3Terhi ChakhovichEssays on Managerial Myopia: In Companies with Different Governance Structures
  ''978-3-8383-6379-0Udai ShankerSome Performance Issues in Distributed Real Time Database Systems: Some Performance Issues in Distributed Real Time Database Systems
  ''978-3-8383-6380-6Chokeanand Bussracumpakorn · John WoodDesign Innovation Networks: Critical factors that can contribute to successful collaborative development of innovative products
  ''978-3-8383-6381-3Mikko HuovinenIndustrial Process Monitoring: A Method Review and Case Studies
2010978-3-8383-6382-0Muhammad Aziz ur Rehman · Malik Shahadat Ali TajNUMERICAL TECHNIQUES FOR HEAT EQUATION WITH BOUNDARY SPECIFICATIONS: Methods, Algorithm and Applications
  ''978-3-8383-6383-7Ka Lok Man · Tomas Krilavi?ius · Danny HughesPAFESD: Process Algebras for Electronic System Design: Process Algebraic Specification and Analysis of Electronic System Design
2011978-3-8383-6384-4Barnaby PaceDeveloping Mental Health Support Work: A Collection of Contemporary Research
2010978-3-8383-6385-1Gbenga FasikuThe Metaphysics of Natural Kinds: An Essentialist Approach
  ''978-3-8383-6386-8Shohreh Saffarzadeh-MatinLigand Design for Chemical Synthesis in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide: Basics, Concepts, Methods
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