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ISBN 978-3-8383-0209-6 bis 978-3-8383-0424-3 < ISBN 978-3-8383-0425-0 bis 978-3-8383-0634-6 > ISBN 978-3-8383-0635-3 bis 978-3-8383-0842-5

2010978-3-8383-0425-0Merja KanervistoPeople with COPD in their everyday life: Living with the chronic illness
  ''978-3-8383-0426-7Elmira AkhmetovaIdeas of Muslim Unity at the Age of Nationalism:: A Comparative Study of the Concept of the Ummah in the Writings of Musa Jārullāh and Said Nursi
2009978-3-8383-0427-4Hsuan-Hong LaiA Polymeric Micro Total Analysis System for Single-Cell Analysis: Revolutionizing the methodology of cell sampling
  ''978-3-8383-0429-8Rene BoonenDevelopment of an active exhaust silencer: with acoustical characterization of internal combustion engines
  ''978-3-8383-0430-4Ivan CapraroAdvanced Techniques in Free Space Quantum Communication: Temporal, Spectral and Spatial Filtering in Single Photon Transmission and Detection
  ''978-3-8383-0431-1Caron KuessousEating Attitudes and Behaviors of Orthodox Girls in Grades 3-8: Eating Attitudes,Behaviors,and Body Image of Orthodox Jewish Girls in Grades 3-8
2009978-3-8383-0432-8Monika RaeschThe Kiarostami Brand: Creation of a Film Auteur
  ''978-3-8383-0433-5Ph.D, Deborah L. MacKenzieHope, Groupthink and the Decision to Invade Iraq: Group Hope and Risky Group Decision-Making
2010978-3-8383-0434-2Min GongStudy on the Telecom Equipment Industry and Business Service in China: TWO EMPIRICAL STUDIES ON MOBILE DATA SERVICE ACCEPTANCE
2009978-3-8383-0435-9Shiyuan ChenThree Essays in Public Finance
2010978-3-8383-0436-6STEPHEN AIKINSResearch in Internet-Based Citizen Participation: The Unrealized Promise of Bringing Citizens Closer To Their Governments
  ''978-3-8383-0437-3Maung PhyoEnergy Efficient Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks: Data-Centric Routing, Hierarchical Routing, Location-Based Routing, LEACH Routing, Maximum Lifetime Routing
  ''978-3-8383-0438-0Regina RowlandMAPPING THE COCONSTRUCTION OF MEANING: Interactive Graphic Facilitation And Collaborative Visual Mapping In Polycultural Small Group Environments
  ''978-3-8383-0439-7Olavi TammemäeBASICS FOR GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING EXPLORATIONS: Basics, concepts, methods
2009978-3-8383-0440-3Ludovic PhalippouInstitutional Investors and Equity Markets: On mutual fund liquidity management, performance of private equity funds, and the value premium
2010978-3-8383-0441-0David Mota De La ParraOral Tradition, a Space for Development: Nahua Kuentos for the present
2009978-3-8383-0442-7Liang TanNumerical Evaluation of American Options: Numerical Methods from a Mathematical Programming Perspective
2010978-3-8383-0443-4Amar AghaHYPOPITUITARISM FOLLOWING TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY: Neuroendocrine dysfunction and head trauma
2010978-3-8383-0444-1Mohammad Reza KhamiPreventive Dentistry and Dental Education: in Iran
2009978-3-8383-0445-8Joseph NechvatalImmersive Ideals / Critical Distances: A Study of the Affinity Between Artistic Ideologies Based in Virtual Reality and Previous Immersive Idioms
  ''978-3-8383-0446-5Ashwinkoomarsing BalluckOptimising Information Retrieval from the Web: Optimising Information Retrieval from the Web in Low-Bandwidth Environments
  ''978-3-8383-0448-9Nigel Munce · Lothar LilgeParallel Single Cell Electrophoresis in a Microchip Platform
  ''978-3-8383-0449-6Tse-Kian NeoMultimedia Learning Environments: Developing a framework of teaching and learning in teacher-centred, mixed-mode and student-centred classrooms
2009978-3-8383-0450-2Glenn Ole HellekjærReading Academic English in Norwegian Higher Education: EFL instruction and Academic English Reading Proficiency
2010978-3-8383-0451-9SSEGAWA J.K. · A B NGOWIChallenges in Delivering Public Construction Projects: A Case of Botswana
2010978-3-8383-0453-3Robert CardulloMolière's "Tartuffe": Text and Context
2009978-3-8383-0454-0Da Chau ThiCatfish (Pangasius Hypothalamus) Farming Systems, Vietnam: Environmental Impacts from Feeds Used in Aquaculture Systems in the Vicinity of Mekong River, Vietnam
2010978-3-8383-0456-4Juhani KuokkanenCustomer Satisfaction and Word-of-Mouth Behavior: An Experimental Study
2009978-3-8383-0457-1Andreas LundThe Teacher as Interface: Teachers of EFL in ICT-rich Environments: Beliefs, Practices, Appropriation
  ''978-3-8383-0458-8Wenhong TianAnalytical Models and Efficient Dimensioning Algorithms: for Communication Systems in Randomly Changing Traffic Environments
  ''978-3-8383-0459-5Kurt BoonenPeptidomics of the Mouse: Unravelling the Role of Bioactive Peptides in Intercellular Signalling
  ''978-3-8383-0460-1Paul Musili WambuaGovernance of Maritime Zones in Kenya: A critical appraisal of the policy, legal and institutional frameworks
2010978-3-8383-0461-8Aracely EsparzaLa vejez como tema en la novelística de Gabriel García Márquez: Escritor comprometido con la realidad del pueblo
  ''978-3-8383-0462-5Tammy WahpeconiahThis Once Savage Heart of Mine: Rhetorical Strategies of Survival in Early American Indian Writing
2009978-3-8383-0463-2Po-ngarm RatanachoteGIS Bus Network Design: A Case Study of Bangkok
2010978-3-8383-0464-9Javier López-CuadradoTest adaptativos informatizados de ingreso en un sistema e-learning: Evaluación mediante test adaptativos informatizados en el contexto de un sistema e-learning para el aprendizaje de la lengua vasca
2009978-3-8383-0465-6Margaret SandersAssessment of Skills Measuring Areas of Independent Living: Independent Living Specialist expert view on basic independent living skills for people with disabilities
2010978-3-8383-0466-3Neil DuchacThe Use of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy: Treating Depression with Incarcerated Males
2009978-3-8383-0467-0Sentagi UtamiAn Acoustical Analysis of Domes Coupled to Rooms: With Special Application to The Darussholah Mosque, In East Java, Indonesia
2009978-3-8383-0468-7Magdalena BaczewskaIn Search of Bach's Cantabile: The Role and Aspects of Oratory and Singing in Keyboard Interpretation
  ''978-3-8383-0469-4David LynnPrivatization and Financial Distress in Emerging Markets: Privatization and Macroeconomic Financial Distress in Emerging Market Countries during the 1990s
  ''978-3-8383-0470-0Kaberi GayenModelling Influences of Communication: A Study of the Fertility Behaviour of Women in Rural Bangladesh
2010978-3-8383-0471-7Michael Lessard-CloustonSpecialized Vocabulary Learning and Use in Theology: Native and Non-native English-speaking Students in a Graduate School
  ''978-3-8383-0472-4Natalie KoeplingerTelecommuting Satisfaction, Lifestyle Choice and Geography: Evidence from a Fortune 500 Firm
2009978-3-8383-0473-1Matthew MeyerHeraclitus on Meaning and Knowledge Legitimation: Unity and Fragmentation in Primary Thinking
  ''978-3-8383-0474-8Arion ThiboumeryCrazy English: An Ethnography Examining the Fascination with English in Contemporary China
2009978-3-8383-0475-5Paul G. DaviesReinforcing Glass Ceilings: Gender Stereotypic Media Images Emasculate Women's Occupational Aspirations
  ''978-3-8383-0476-2Mario BortolozziCalcium Dynamics in Inner Ear Health and Disease: An introduction to molecular mechanisms involved in genetic deafness
2010978-3-8383-0477-9Diana InkpenBuilding a Lexical Knowledge-Base of Near-Synonym Differences: Automatic Knowledge Acquisition
2009978-3-8383-0478-6Tamanna FerdousMalnutrition among Bangladeshi elderly:Determinants and Consequences
2010978-3-8383-0480-9Basan ShresthaCommunity Based Watershed Management: Factors Activating Users for Post-Project Management in the Western Hills of Nepal
2009978-3-8383-0481-6SALMA CHOWDHURYThe Management of Academic Libraries: A comparative study
  ''978-3-8383-0482-3Sivanes PhillipsonParent and Children Voices: Beliefs and Expectations of Academic Achievement
  ''978-3-8383-0483-0Beatriz Esther IttenPopulation studies on Sphagnum fimbriatum: reproductive biology, genetic diversity and conservation of a peat moss species
2010978-3-8383-0484-7Ramizah Wan MuhammadAdministration of Islamic Judicial System in ASEAN countries: With particular reference to Malaysia
2010978-3-8383-0485-4Jyri LehtinenLanguage change as an evolutionary process: Theoretic background and computational applications
2011978-3-8383-0486-1Fatemeh Ahmadi ZeletiE-Government of Iran: From Vision to Implementation and Development: The Progress and Obstacles of Implementing and Improving E-Government
2009978-3-8383-0487-8Elton BallhysaA generalization of Deutch-Jozsa algorithm: A generalization of Deutch-Jozsa algorithm
2010978-3-8383-0490-8Menaka PantaSocioeconomic view of deforestation and forest degradation in Nepal: Multi-agents analysis of deforestation and forest degradation at local and regional scales
  ''978-3-8383-0491-5Jaroslav KlingThe role of small and medium enterprises in the economy of Slovakia: Status at the beginning of new Millennium
  ''978-3-8383-0492-2Eric W. SchrimshawSocial and Individual Resources among Women Living with HIV/AIDS: Mediating and Moderating Relations on their Psychological Adjustment
2009978-3-8383-0493-9GAFFAR GAILANI · Stephen C. Cowin · Luis CardosoRUSSIAN DOLL POROELASTICITY: A Model for Fluid Transport in Bone Tissues
  ''978-3-8383-0494-6Alan MorrisEMG Driven Musculoskeletal Simulation of the Human Lower Body: A Biomechanical and Electromyographyic Study
2010978-3-8383-0495-3Ovidiu ToaderPhotonic Bandgap Materials: Architectures for Microfabrication and their Optical Properties
  ''978-3-8383-0496-0Elizabeth ZylstraTeacher Computer Training and Classroom Integration: Effectiveness of Training in the Implementation of Technology Integration in the Classroom
2010978-3-8383-0497-7Tammy FreytagVitamin A Nutrition in Domestic Cats: Metabolism and Toxicity
  ''978-3-8383-0498-4Yana WomackGuardians of the Gate: An Investigation of Numinous Presence, 'Visions of the Divine,' in Dreams
  ''978-3-8383-0499-1Mara BebichDevelopments in the 'Big One': Migration, Celebration and Consequence, Auckland 1945-1964
2009978-3-8383-0501-1Chun Bei HuangFungal Proteomics of Ophiostoma ulmi: Proteomic Investigation of BiosynthesisExopolysaccharide by Ophiostoma ulmi
2010978-3-8383-0502-8Atusaye Mughogho · CecilMlatsheniTraining in the South African Labour Market: Training by the Unemployed and Employed Prior to the Implementation of the NSDS: Evidence from the Mesebetsi Labour Force Survey 1999-2000
2009978-3-8383-0503-5Amanda LuceyA Psychological Analysis of Political Violence: A Narrative Case Study of an Apartheid Policeman
2010978-3-8383-0504-2Enno Pais · Jaan · JannoRecovering Memory Kernels in Heat Flow: Inverse Problems for Non-Homogeneous Degenerate Memory Kernels
  ''978-3-8383-0505-9Zuzana KepplovaArguing with the Raving Phallus: Problematizing the uses of psychoanalytical concepts in the literature on rave and club cultures
2009978-3-8383-0506-6Cameron Lee JacobsSocio-historical research and land tenure in South Africa: A case study of land tenure rights on the Northern Cape farm of Melkkraal
2009978-3-8383-0507-3HAFIZI SHAFIINPattern Recognition Of Cerebral Haemorrhage (CH)From CT Images: The use of Remote Sensing methode in Medical Physics
  ''978-3-8383-0509-7Irene RolstonWho's Afraid of a Little Nitrate?: Discovering Impediments and Incentives in following Best Management Practices in the Southern Willamette Valley Groundwater Management Area
2010978-3-8383-0510-3Nyuk Khee @ Angeline PangStereo Image Analysis: A New Approach Using Discrete Orthogonal Moments
2009978-3-8383-0511-0Renay Van WykSanitation, health and hygiene promotion: A review of health and hygiene promotion as part of sanitation delivery programmes to informal settlements (City of Cape Town - South Africa)
2010978-3-8383-0512-7Chun-Min HuangMicrophotonics Waveguide Process Development: An Approach with Silicon-on-Insulator Technology
  ''978-3-8383-0513-4Nathan ManningYoung People and Politics: Apathetic and Disengaged?: A Qualitative Inquiry
  ''978-3-8383-0514-1Nancy SeghersHarry Potter crosses over: and a partial translation of ''s What Will Happen in Harry Potter 7?'
2018978-3-8383-0515-8Jose' RuizAirline Internships: Career Implications: Participant Perceptions
2010978-3-8383-0516-5Jeffrey MillerJiternice and Kolache: Food and Identity in Wilson, Kansas
  ''978-3-8383-0517-2Tom PageProspects for Microgeneration: Energy use, the environment and the wider community
2009978-3-8383-0519-6William HeuvaTransforming communication in a changing milieu: Challenges and contradictions of reform in Namibia
2010978-3-8383-0520-2Fredu Nega Tegebu · Erik Mathijis · Eric TollensPoverty, Household Livelihood and Interaction with Local Institutions: A case study in northern Ethiopia
2009978-3-8383-0521-9Markuz Wernli SaitoPractice of Invitation: Art and Meaningful Participation
  ''978-3-8383-0522-6Alexander Schnepel · Benoit A. Aubert · Val HooperCommunication Quality and ERP Implementation Project Success: Exploring the influence of communication quality between the IT project team and the affected business units on implementation success
2010978-3-8383-0523-3Dmitry ShapiroEvolution, Reputation and Rationality: Three Essays
2009978-3-8383-0524-0Abdul-Mumin AbdulaiA Sociological Study of Quality Interaction among College Students: Case Study of Muslim and Non-Muslim Students at the International Islamic University Malaysia(IIUM)
  ''978-3-8383-0525-7Marty BranaganWe Shall Never Be Moved: The Art of Australian Nonviolence
  ''978-3-8383-0528-8Jaap EversEverybody's Business is Nobody's Business: A study on the use of wastewater in (peri-)urban irrigated agriculture in Hanoi, Vietnam
  ''978-3-8383-0529-5Claudia BrandenburgA Transaction Cost Analysis of Dutch Hospital Care: Contracting between hospitals and health insurance companies in a deregulated environment
2009978-3-8383-0530-1Ari SeppäläOsmotic Flows and Their Application to Energy Conversion: Renewable energy from mixing of sea- and river waters
  ''978-3-8383-0531-8Judith M. DuncanRestructuring lives: Kindergarten teachers and education reforms, 1984-1996
  ''978-3-8383-0532-5Ho-ping FengWriting an Academic Paper in English: An Exploratory Study of Six Taiwanese Graduate Students
  ''978-3-8383-0533-2Arief KoeswantoUNIQUE PHENOMENA OF WATER DROP IMPACT: The Theory and Application
2010978-3-8383-0534-9Motiar RahmanRevitalising construction project procurement: through joint risk management and integrated teams
2009978-3-8383-0535-6Chao-Ching HoVisual Servoing Control Based Three-Dimensional Tracking: Theory, Algorithms, Practicalities
  ''978-3-8383-0536-3Tom HallquistBuilding Cultural Bridges: Developing Cultural Awareness Programs for Colleges and Universities
2009978-3-8383-0537-0Lucius van MoesekeDigital Preservation: Silver Bullet or Trojan Horse?
  ''978-3-8383-0538-7Loretta MurphyA comparison of participatory budgeting in Brazil and Canada: Migration of Meaning
  ''978-3-8383-0539-4Tom CoyleFundamental Constructs Affecting Business Sustainability: An Analysis of Six Mineral Rich African Nations
  ''978-3-8383-0541-7Michael LewrickChanges in Innovation Styles: Causes and Effects of Different Influencing Factors and Capabilites for Innovation and Business Success
  ''978-3-8383-0542-4Diana BarabasArtists Experiencing Immigration: How We View Our Artistic Expression in the Context of Dramatic Change
2009978-3-8383-0543-1Damiano PasiniShaped Materials, Multilayered Systems and Structural Forms: A Method of Structural Selection in Lightweight Design
2012978-3-8383-0544-8Dmitriy GuzevichPutevye zapiski Velikoy osoby (1697-1699): Kriticheskaya istoriya publikatsiy i problema avtorstva
2009978-3-8383-0545-5Gregor LomasMathematics Educator's Beliefs and their Teaching Practices: Exploring the Relationships
  ''978-3-8383-0546-2KATAYOUN SARGERANOral Cancer in Tehran, Iran: Challenge for prevention
  ''978-3-8383-0547-9Aimin WangA Study of Biofouling and Pathogen Transport in the Subsurface: Discovery of Processes in Water Well Environments
  ''978-3-8383-0548-6Gail NoelLet¿s Work Together: A Guide to Effective Parent-Teacher Relationships
  ''978-3-8383-0549-3Joao RegoStorm Surge Dynamics over Wide Continental Shelves: Numerical Experiments Using the Finite-Volume Coastal Ocean Model
2010978-3-8383-0550-9Lumba SiyangaDo Fertiliser Subsidies Work for the poor?: Evidence and Challenges of Implementing the Fertiliser Subsidy Programme in Zambia
2009978-3-8383-0551-6Min MinThe Efficiency of TFT-LCD Industry: Hierarchical DEA Model for the Efficiency Evaluation of Taiwan TFT-LCD Industry
2009978-3-8383-0552-3Erika Becker · Des R. RichardsonRole of Frataxin in Mitochondrial Iron and Haem Metabolism: Development of Potential Iron Chelators for the Treatment of Friedreich's Ataxia
2010978-3-8383-0553-0Michael O'DempseyExperiences of Children Using a Community Social Work Service: Researcher ?How would counsellors know what children think?? Girl (age 8): "Maybe they might ask them".
2009978-3-8383-0554-7Sellami AliFiber Optic Amplifier and Source: Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier and Laser
  ''978-3-8383-0555-4Epp SongiseppAntimicrobial and Antioxidative Probiotic Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3: Technological and Functional Properties
  ''978-3-8383-0557-8Sedat OzerA kernel study on Support Vector Machines: Generalized Chebyshev Kernels
  ''978-3-8383-0558-5Ali Osman KonurayDevelopment of Tolerance and Dependence in Barbiturate Use
  ''978-3-8383-0559-2Mochtar MarhumIssues in Language, Culture and Education in Eastern Indonesia: Promoting Language and Education in Kabupaten Tolitoli
2009978-3-8383-0560-8Rodrigo OzorioL-Carnitine and Energy Metabolism in Aquaculture: Growth Response of Catfish to Dietary L-Carnitine
  ''978-3-8383-0561-5Karen GoodnoughExploring Multiple Intelligences Theory: Case Studies of Teachers in Action
  ''978-3-8383-0562-2Djilali HamzaIntroduction of Active Filters for EMI Mitigation in DC/DC Converters: Passive and Active EMI Filtering Methods
  ''978-3-8383-0563-9Dominique Emmanuel UwizeyimanaThe New Public Management (NPM) in the Sub-Saharan African Context: Public Administration, New Public Management (NPM), Private Sector, Management ... Public Services, Sub-Saharan Africa
  ''978-3-8383-0564-6Piret HussarHistology of the Post-traumatic Bone Repair in Rats: Elaboration of a new standardized experimental model - bicortical perforation of tibia compared to internal fracture and osteotomy
2009978-3-8383-0565-3William TruesdalePeer Coaching on Transferability of Staff Development: Peer Coaching Staff Development Classroom Practice
2010978-3-8383-0566-0Tyra BouhamdanReligion, The Law and the Human Rights of Women in the Middle East: A Quantitative Analysis
2009978-3-8383-0567-7Munyae MulingeDeterminant of Acceptance of Organizational Change in Higher Education: Gender Differences
  ''978-3-8383-0568-4Steven D SorokaThe Cost of Maintenance Haemodialysis: Implications for Dialysis Planning
  ''978-3-8383-0569-1Lorna BerettaACTION RESEARCH: an example: Do the means and practices by which the selected NGO operates constitute a practical example of ction research?
  ''978-3-8383-0570-7James ArvaiRe-visioning Sustainable Urban Housing in 2020: the year of perfect vision
2009978-3-8383-0572-1Yvonne MhangoImproving rural Malawian households¿ access to credit: A study on the effect of credit programme membership on food expenditure, child nutrition, and the differential effect of female headship
2010978-3-8383-0573-8Liang SongLarge Scale Cognitive Wireless Networks: An Introduction
2009978-3-8383-0575-2Elita Rahmarestia WidjayaEnvironmental and Economic of Wet Market Waste Disposal Options: a 'first cut' pre-analysis of waste management planning in developing country
  ''978-3-8383-0576-9Rahmat Sotudeh-Gharebagh · Jamal ChaoukiCombustion of Natural Gas in Turbulent Fluidized Beds: Experiments and Simulation
  ''978-3-8383-0577-6Carsten FlohrHelminth parasites and allergic disease in Vietnam: Do gut worms protect against allergic sensitisation, asthma, eczema, and hay fever?
  ''978-3-8383-0578-3Ching MiaoTowards Democratic Neighborhoods: The Emergence of Bottom-up Citizen Engagement in Urban China
2010978-3-8383-0579-0Ahmed RafatAn Adaptive Approach for Clustering Incomplete Data Sets: An Application To Health Inequality Analysis
2009978-3-8383-0580-6Margaret McNabRepresenting AIDS in Africa: Implications for Pharmaceutical Industry Response
  ''978-3-8383-0581-3Kate McGovernChallenges in Pension Governance: A Case Study of the New Hampshire Retirement System
2009978-3-8383-0582-0Michael LeeChristian Practices and Popular Religion in Dialogue: Implications for Latino/a Religious Education in the United States
  ''978-3-8383-0583-7Zong Woo GeemOptimal Design of Water Distribution Networks Using Harmony Search: Theory and Applications of Music-Inspired Harmony Search Algorithm
  ''978-3-8383-0584-4Gwo-Jiun SheuElectrical Simulation in the GaN Light-Emitting Diode Dies: Current Spreading Analysis in the Active Layer of LEDs Dies
  ''978-3-8383-0585-1Jennifer HaywoodImplications for Creating Inclusive Environments in Choirs:: Including Individuals with Special Needs
  ''978-3-8383-0586-8Thiyagu KathiyaiahMulti Carrier Code Division Multiple Access (MC-CDMA): Image Transmission in Low SNR MC-CDMA Channel
2009978-3-8383-0587-5Janwillem LiebrandThe deep waters of land reforms: A case study on water and land reforms in the Olifants basin, South Africa
  ''978-3-8383-0588-2Rauno HuttunenHabermas, Honneth and Education: The Significance of Jürgen Habermas's and Axel Honneth's Critical Theories to Education
  ''978-3-8383-0589-9Julian KitchenRelational Teacher Development: A Quest for Meaning in the Garden of Teacher Experience
  ''978-3-8383-0590-5Hyunok KimTribology in Forming Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS): Evaluation of lubricants, tool materials and coatings for reducing galling
2010978-3-8383-0591-2Yury KostinVirtual Counseling: A Validation Study of the Academic Advising Via Internet Facilities
2009978-3-8383-0592-9Anne ShordikeSpirit, Action and Health: Traditional Relationship
2009978-3-8383-0594-3Steven LucasSodium flux in woodlot soils irrigated with treated effluent: THE IMPLICATIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE IRRIGATION AND SOIL MANAGEMENT
  ''978-3-8383-0595-0Pang WangDynamics of Delay Differential Equations in Communications Networks: In the Framework of Active Queue Management
  ''978-3-8383-0596-7Johannes MartinEphedra - A C to Java Migration Environment: Approaches, case studies and tools for migrating legacy systems from C and C++ to Java
  ''978-3-8383-0597-4Kebin LiMEMS Phase Modulator for Ultrashort Optical Pulse Shaping: A more efficient way of modulating optical pulses compared with current approaches
  ''978-3-8383-0598-1Hefrizal HandraFISCAL EQUALISATION MECHANISM: A Study of Indonesia's System in the Early Stages of Decentralisation
2009978-3-8383-0599-8Waqquas Ahmed BukhshSome Topics In Generalized Convexity: Nonconvex Programming with Variational Inequalities
  ''978-3-8383-0600-1Markku OksanenGravitation and Noncommutativity of Spacetime: Noncommutative Gravitation as a Gauge Theory of the Twisted Poincaré Symmetry
  ''978-3-8383-0601-8Vladimir KomanickyFabrication of Single Crystal Ultramicroelectrodes of Noble Metals: Growing single crystals of coinage metals in laboratory
  ''978-3-8383-0602-5Kees GeldermanA Portfolio Approach to Purchasing Strategies: A comprehensive study to the theoretical foundations and practical possibilities
  ''978-3-8383-0603-2Yuanli WangAutomatic Hybrid Mesh Generation: A novel normal calculation technique using the Eikonal equation and its applications in geometric modeling and mesh generation
2009978-3-8383-0604-9Albert TevanyanTheology and Reason in 18th Century England: The Contribution of A.A. Sykes and John Jackson, 1712-1748
  ''978-3-8383-0605-6Marco SanjuanFuzzy Supervision of PID Controllers' Tuning: Design and Implementation for On-Line Compensation of Nonlinearities
  ''978-3-8383-0606-3Ali MahmoudpourMolecular Biology of Strawberry Vein Banding Caulimovirus: Characterization, Diagnosis and Host Range of SVBV
  ''978-3-8383-0607-0Ram SamochaNo Peace: A Drawing Installation by the Israeli born artist Ram Samocha
  ''978-3-8383-0608-7Christoph UllmannLifting the Surface: Democratising Apartheid Space in Langa Township, Cape Town
2009978-3-8383-0609-4Marieke VlaemynckPeacebuilding seen through the lens of peacemaking criminology: A literature study on the contribution of the concept of peacebuilding to the development of peacemaking criminology
  ''978-3-8383-0610-0Korinna HortaThe Politics of Policy: International Financial Institutions and Biodiversity
  ''978-3-8383-0612-4Muhammad AbulaishOntology Engineering for Imprecise Knowledge Management: Implementations, Findings and Frameworks
  ''978-3-8383-0613-1Mollie PoyntonClassification of Smoking Cessation Status: Applying Machine Learning Methods to Health Survey Data
2009978-3-8383-0614-8SAADIYAH DARUSA Framework for a Computer-Based Essay Marking System: Specifically Developed for ESL Writing
  ''978-3-8383-0615-5Mai NeoInteractive Web-Based Education:: A Multimedia-Mediated Web Learning (MMWL) Framework
  ''978-3-8383-0616-2Philip GonzalesMyth as the Revelation of the Beauty of Being: In Heidegger and von Balthasar
  ''978-3-8383-0617-9Maansi KumarTransdermal Iontophoresis of Hydromorphone Hydrochloride
  ''978-3-8383-0618-6Mary-Louise VanderleeMechanisms Underlying Class Size Effects Revealed: Testing the Relation of Class Size with Clusters of Parent, Teacher, Student and Program Quality Variables
2009978-3-8383-0620-9Thomas ShulichLove in the Time of Money: Intimate and Economic Affiliations between Men in Chiangmai, Thailand
  ''978-3-8383-0621-6Dapeng XuGeneralizations of Two-stack-sortable Permutations
  ''978-3-8383-0622-3Honglei LiFine Art Film: Social Reflections in Multimedia Art
2010978-3-8383-0623-0Md. SafiuddinHigh Performance Mortar with Carbon Fibers: Properties and Mix Optimization
2009978-3-8383-0624-7Barbara OrmondThe Iconography of Visual Culture and Pedagogical Approaches to Seeing: Illustrated Prints Pertaining to Religious Issues in Early Modern England
  ''978-3-8383-0625-4Julian SimcockStrengthening the Middle: A study of Financial Health in the Previously Disadvantaged SME Community of South Africa ? Implications for Sustainability and Creditworthiness
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