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ISBN 978-3-8383-0425-0 bis 978-3-8383-0634-6 < ISBN 978-3-8383-0635-3 bis 978-3-8383-0842-5 > ISBN 978-3-8383-0843-2 bis 978-3-8383-1051-0

2009978-3-8383-0635-3Hani AkeilaReal-Time Correction of Images for Stereo Matching: Real-Time Rectification of Images based on customized hardware
2009978-3-8383-0637-7Daniel BlinkhornNew Music Composition In Computer Assisted Environments: Creative Approaches to Composing With Music Software
  ''978-3-8383-0638-4Jakub WojnarowskiFailure of the movement?: Farmers' social movement in Poland during the transition
  ''978-3-8383-0639-1Jorieke KloekDestocking to reduce erosion at communal lands in South Africa
  ''978-3-8383-0640-7Christopher SjöwallC-reactive protein (CRP) and anti-CRP autoantibodies in SLE: ? a study on the occurrence and clinical implications of anti-CRP antibodies and CRP-mediated complement activation
  ''978-3-8383-0641-4Adrian KrishnasamyA Study of Gay Male Body Image and its Effects on its community: IN Print Advertisements
2009978-3-8383-0642-1József SándorSelected Chapters of Geometry, Analysis and Number Theory: Classical Topics in New Perspectives
  ''978-3-8383-0643-8Katarzyna Zawali?skaCompetitiveness of Polish Agriculture before Integration with the EU: Efficiency, productivity, and price adjustement
  ''978-3-8383-0644-5Jan UhdeDemocracy Sub Specie Aeternitatis: The Theological and Metaphysical Foundations of Thomas Garrigue Masaryk's Political Philosophy
2010978-3-8383-0645-2Radek MatusuSystems with Parametric Uncertainty: An Algebraic Approach to Robust Control Design
2009978-3-8383-0646-9Evelyn RossettiPerceptions of Success: A Study of the The Museum of the City of NY
  ''978-3-8383-0647-6M. Shabri Abd. MajidGlobal Financial Interdependence: ASEAN Emerging Markets versus US and Japan
  ''978-3-8383-0648-3Eric GassThe Path to Partnership: Assessing a New Model of University-Community Partnership
2009978-3-8383-0649-0Rene Hernandez CardenacheThe Relationships in Severity of Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury: Towards a Greater Understanding of Functional Recovery
  ''978-3-8383-0650-6Jeremy ClowardPrivate Military Firms and the United States War with Iraq: An Examination of the Top Private Military Firms in the US war with Iraq (2003-2008) and their Impact on Democratic Government
2010978-3-8383-0651-3Fred ZindiENROLLMENT ISSUES AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ZIMBABWE: Response to curriculum and gender factors
2009978-3-8383-0652-0Leonid ChagalDiamines in Catalysis and in Biological Systems: Analysis and Applications
  ''978-3-8383-0653-7Jaanika ErneLink of Jurisdiction in Article 62 Proceedings before the ICJ: Development of the Requirement for Link of Jurisdiction in Article 62 Intervention Proceedings before the International Court of Justice
  ''978-3-8383-0654-4Paul JohnsonFactorization of Quasiseparable Matrices: Algorithm and Stability
  ''978-3-8383-0655-1John DeukmedjianThe Realignment of RCMP Conflict Management: Transformations in governance in Canada's national police
2009978-3-8383-0656-8Ariella DamelinWalking Barefoot: A storyteller's arts-based inquiry
  ''978-3-8383-0657-5Maria-Elena GronemeyerProfile of Chilean Journalists: The Outcome of Conformism and Insecurity
2010978-3-8383-0658-2Ngwetoh WankaTransnational Migration: Gender Violence And Refugee Women In Cape Town: Transnational migration and gender-based violence
2009978-3-8383-0659-9Ransford DansoRestoring Human Functioning: Impact of Social Policy and Social Networks on the Resettlement and Integration of Refugees in Western Societies
  ''978-3-8383-0660-5Petri AssengaTowards an African Model of Church as Family: A Socio-Anthropological, Ecclesiological and Pastoral Study Based on Family Structures and Community Building Rituals among the Chagga
  ''978-3-8383-0661-2Cai XingHow Emotion and Motivation Shape Decision-making: The Underlying Mechanism of Decision-making
  ''978-3-8383-0662-9DR. PRABIN MANANDHARConfused Centre and Dynamic Village: Understanding Rural Change Process in Nepal
2010978-3-8383-0663-6Charlotte Heath-KellyWhat Motivated the Terrorist Attacks of September 11th, 2001?: A Critical Assessment of Four Prominent Understandings
2009978-3-8383-0664-3Mete ErdoganR-Ras Proteins, TGF-Beta and Cancer: Mechanisms of Interaction Among the R-Ras, TC21 and TGF-Beta Signaling Pathways
2009978-3-8383-0665-0Edith GalyOrganizational Learning, Absorptive Capacity, and Performance for ERP: Empirical testing of the role of the constructs in North American countries
2010978-3-8383-0666-7Arlene GarciaThe Gatekeeping Behind Meritocracy: Voices of NYC High School Students
2009978-3-8383-0667-4Matthew WronskiOptofluidic Capillary Electrophoresis Biochips: Microfabrication Using Deep Ultraviolet and Femtosecond Lasers
  ''978-3-8383-0669-8Eman Fallah Psy.D.Buddhism in Clinical Psychology: A Context Mapping Approach
  ''978-3-8383-0670-4Sarah Te OneVoices for the Record: Three New Zealand kindergarten teachers' experiences of compiling and using child portfolios for assessment
  ''978-3-8383-0671-1Sharon M. KolbCritical Social Skills for Adolescent Students with Disabilities: Parent Perspectives
2010978-3-8383-0672-8Peter MiddlebrookWhen the Public Works: Generating Employment
2009978-3-8383-0673-5Nuria MarcosLessons from Nature in Nuclear Waste Management: The Behaviour of Technical and Natural Barriers in the Geological Disposal of Spent Nuclear fuel
2009978-3-8383-0674-2Vilja MardlaInhibition of platelets with combination of natural agents: Synergistic effects of antiaggregants
2010978-3-8383-0675-9Ingrid DashFlexibility in knowing school mathematics: In the contexts of a Swedish and an Indian school class
2009978-3-8383-0676-6HUSNA JOHARIA study of union commitment in different sectors: Union commitment: A study between a public sector union and a private sector union in Malaysia
  ''978-3-8383-0677-3Tulia AcksonSocial security law and Policy Reform in Tanzania: Reflections from South African Experience
  ''978-3-8383-0678-0Anti RandviirMapping the World: Towards a Sociosemiotic Approach to Culture
  ''978-3-8383-0680-3Flatiel Fabião VilanculosAssessment of the use of ICT in the financial sector: A case study of Mozambican banking system
2009978-3-8383-0681-0Maureen ParnellNew Technology and Traditional Skills in Printing:: A longitudinal study of compositors in Edinburgh
  ''978-3-8383-0682-7Marcello Di BonitoTrace Elements in Soil Pore Water: A Comparison of Sampling Methods
2010978-3-8383-0683-4Q. Binh DamPreserving Circuit Breaker Adequacy in Electric Power Systems: Concepts, Implications, and Methodologies
2009978-3-8383-0684-1Howard Zhenhao ZengPedagogical Behaviors of Physical Educators: Pedagogical Behaviors of Physical Educators in Their Dual Roles of Coach and Teacher
  ''978-3-8383-0685-8Mika JärvinenCombustion of Black Liquor Droplets: Detailed Numerical Modeling of the Drying, Devolatilization and Char Conversion Processes
  ''978-3-8383-0686-5Joe HampTHE TRUST AGREEMENT PROJECT: A Study of One School District's Bold Experiment with Democratizing the Workplace
  ''978-3-8383-0688-9WISDOM MENSAH"MARGINAL MEN" WITH DOUBLE CONSCIOUSNESS: A Phenomenological Inquiry into Experiences of Sub-Saharan African Professors at a U.S. Predominantly White Midwest University
2009978-3-8383-0689-6Karl ShenA Glimpse at the Mathematics of Stochastic Volatility: Working with the CIR Model
  ''978-3-8383-0690-2Joyce Hamilton HenryNo One Asked Us: The Under-representation of African Americans and Latinos on Local Boards and Commissions
  ''978-3-8383-0691-9Marian EslerWhat should I do?: A Study of social work ethics, supervision and the ethical development of social workers
  ''978-3-8383-0693-3Sara MatchettBreathing Space: Cross-community professional theatre as a means of dissolving fixed geographical landscapes
2009978-3-8383-0695-7June GillamCreating Juicy Tales: Cooperative Inquiry into Writing Stories: A small group journeys through action/reflection cycles?a holistic methodology to improve craft
  ''978-3-8383-0696-4Patrick J. HarveyAn Integral Exploration of The Cycle of Violence Hypothesis: Understanding the Intergenerational Transmission of Human Harmfulness via the Developing Self
  ''978-3-8383-0697-1Michael ArdovinoEurope as an Imagined Community?: Testing Support for European Union Accession in Several Postcommunist Societies
  ''978-3-8383-0698-8Isabella Colalillo KatesAwakening Creativity and Spiritual Intelligence: The Soul Work of Holistic Educators
  ''978-3-8383-0699-5Suhansa RodchuaQuality On-Line Education: The Measurement of Quality and Practices of Internet-Based Distance Learning: A Case of Industrial Management Program
2009978-3-8383-0701-5Alice Mapenzi KuboThe Sustainability of Coastal Tourism: Environmental management practices of hotels on the Kenya coast
2010978-3-8383-0702-2Marco VieiraDependability Benchmarking for OLTP Systems: A Mandatory Path
2009978-3-8383-0703-9Ibro ChekaraouTeachers' Appropriation of an Educational Reform Policy in Africa: A Socio-cultural Study of Two Bilingual Hausa-French Schools in Niger
  ''978-3-8383-0704-6Mohammed ThaherEfficient Algorithms for the Maximum Convex Sum Problem: Kth Maximum Convex Sum
  ''978-3-8383-0705-3Tengku Ahmad Damitri Al-Astani Tengku dinEXPRESSION OF APOPTOSIS MARKERS IN TYPE 2 DIABETES: Skin Microvasculature of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2
  ''978-3-8383-0706-0Athina VlachantoniWomen, politics and pensions: Pension reform in Greece between 1975-2002
2010978-3-8383-0707-7Syvan ShurEmotion and Social Cognition in Schizophrenia: What is going through the brains of patients with schizophrenia during social interactions? - a neuropsychological investigation
2009978-3-8383-0708-4Natalya DinatMeanings of Death and Dying in the era of AIDS in Soweto, South Africa: Living not dying with AIDS
2009978-3-8383-0710-7Paul Los"The First Wave": Wittgenstein's Early Impact on Russell's Philosophy
  ''978-3-8383-0711-4Maxim AbashinNear-field Characterization of Photonic Nanodevices: Near-field Scanning Optical Microscopy (NSOM) characterization of photonic nanodevices and nanoscale optical phenomena
  ''978-3-8383-0712-1Bonnie AhnDomestic Violence among Korean Americans: The relationships of the percetions to the incidence of domestic violence
  ''978-3-8383-0713-8John IgeneTraditional African Meat Products for Food Security: Traditional African Meat Products for Food Security and Agro-Industrialization: Develoment Challenges
  ''978-3-8383-0714-5Manjunatha Pattabi · Sheeja KrishnanElectron Irradiation Effects in Cadmium Telluride and Silicon Devices: An Experimental Study
2009978-3-8383-0715-2Jessica WeiserThe Discursive Marginality of Gender-Based Harassment in High Schools: The Discursive Marginality of Gender-Based Harassment in High Schools
  ''978-3-8383-0716-9John Edward ElligateThe Practicum: Developing Better Practice for Beginning Teachers: The Significance of the Practicum
  ''978-3-8383-0717-6Kathryn SarzyniakAttitudes that Affect the Black-White Achievement Gap: How Do Cultural Identity and the Use of Ebonics Affect African American Students' Success in the Classroom?
  ''978-3-8383-0718-3James IvaskaAfrican Football Migrants: Diaspora and Identity
  ''978-3-8383-0719-0Mikulas JandakSimulation Model of High Voltage Frequency Converter: PowerFlex7000, Vector Control, Simulink
2009978-3-8383-0720-6David GruppUsing Fuel Cells to Reduce Mobile Source Emissions: A study using a fuel cell auxiliary power unit to reduce the production of mobile source emissions in line-haul trucks
  ''978-3-8383-0721-3Homer Chin-Nan TienCauses of Death of Active Duty Personnel in the Canadian Forces: (1983 to 2003)
  ''978-3-8383-0722-0Olga MartinencoSustainable Pest Management in the Republic of Moldova: Obstacles and Potentials
  ''978-3-8383-0723-7Gang ChenCoordination in Multi-Agent Systems: Coordination Technology in Task-Oriented Environments
  ''978-3-8383-0724-4Ernst DrewesThe influence of differential urbanisation on regional policy: The case of Gauteng Metropolitan Region, SA
2009978-3-8383-0725-1Michael BellEnacting Servant Leadership: A Case Study for Building Congruence and Capacity
  ''978-3-8383-0727-5Blaine E. HattHeart In Teaching: Attending the Pathic: An inquiry into the Pedagogical Significance of Educators' Lived Experiences of Heart in Teaching
2010978-3-8383-0728-2Thomas RischbeckManaging Active Object Scalability on Distributed Memory: With a Case Study in Parallel VRML
2009978-3-8383-0729-9COLLINS CHANSAZambia?s Health Sector Wide Approach (SWAp) Revisited: A Review of Working Relations, Accountability for Finances and Performance, Efficiency, ... and Geographical Equity of Access
  ''978-3-8383-0730-5Xavier VilajosanaDistributed Resource Allocation for Contributory Systems: A compendium of mechanisms to attain resource allocation in computational distributed systems
  ''978-3-8383-0731-2Willem ReitsmaCredit Risk in Selected Derivative Instruments: Understanding credit risk and the various methods of determining the credit risk in Foreign Exchange Forward Contracts and Interest Rate Swaps
  ''978-3-8383-0732-9Charbel AklCost-effective Methods for High-speed Nanometer CMOS VLSI Design: Interconnect and Circuits
2009978-3-8383-0733-6César J. Solá-GarcíaSlave Emancipation and Colonialism: The British Missionary and Military Campaigns and African Societies in Northern Malawi, 1875-1900
2010978-3-8383-0734-3Gabriel EscarelaStatistical Methods for the Analysis of Recidivism Data: An Applied Approach
2009978-3-8383-0735-0DENNIS BANDAEducation for All and African Indigenous Knowledge Systems: The case of the Chewa people of Zambia
  ''978-3-8383-0737-4Janwillem LiebrandFarmers' territory invaded by a water company: The effects of drinking water privatization on rice farmers in Calapan City, the Philippines
2010978-3-8383-0738-1Arjan CiftjaSolar silicon refining: Inclusions, settling, filtration, wetting
2009978-3-8383-0739-8Loretta BradyLasting Chains or Lingering Threads?: Examining the emotional and linguistic consistency of trauma narratives and self descriptions
  ''978-3-8383-0740-4GAYANE MESCHYANSecond Language Learning: The Role of Phonological Awareness and Decoding Accuracy
  ''978-3-8383-0741-1Sarah AnnesleyFilamin: a scaffolding protein: Filamin's role as a scaffolding protein in a photosensory signalling complex in Dictyostelium discoideum
2009978-3-8383-0742-8Torsti SirenState Agent, Identity and the ?New World Order?: Reconstructing Polish Defence Identity after the Cold War Era
  ''978-3-8383-0743-5Damir Trupini?New Zealand Croatian immigrant press 1899-1916: Quantitative and qualitative study of the content
2010978-3-8383-0744-2Vimala PerumalThe Need of Knowledge Management in Malaysian Film Industry: A Case Study
2009978-3-8383-0745-9Thanh Bui XuanAerobic Granule and Membrane Bioreactor
  ''978-3-8383-0746-6Seetha Lekshmi VanajaGeometric Exponential Distributions: Generalizations and Applications
  ''978-3-8383-0747-3Ralph C. LongobardiBuilding Social Capital: An Exploration of the Collaborative Policy Making Process as a Trust Enhancing Exercise
  ''978-3-8383-0748-0Willien FourieEvent Management: Planning framework for successful track and field events
2012978-3-8383-0749-7Caradee WrightSolar UVR exposure of schoolchildren: Considering factors which influence children's time spent in the sun for developing skin cancer prevention and sun protection programmes
2009978-3-8383-0750-3Lizette KingInformation literacy at the Universtity of the Western Cape: assessment of competencies and proficiencies of incoming undergraduate Arts students
2009978-3-8383-0751-0Zainal SalamHybrid Active Power Filter: Integration with Photovoltaic System
  ''978-3-8383-0752-7Miriam Rosemary SinclairHeart rate as a marker of training status: Interpretation of Heart rate / Workload relationship
  ''978-3-8383-0753-4Magdalena BastovaForeign Direct Investment Effects on Urban Economy: A Case of the City of Pilsen, Czech Republic
  ''978-3-8383-0754-1Kasongo-Lenge KansempeSoothsayers (Bambuki) and Christian prayer petitioners (Balombi): Comparative and Evaluative Study of Healing in the Luba Katanga Area of the Democratic Republic of Congo
2010978-3-8383-0755-8Yunji Xu · Colin WebbBiodegradable Plastic from Wheat: Studies of PHB Production from A Wheat-Based Fermentation Feedstock
2009978-3-8383-0756-5SILVIA IZQUIERDO ÁLVAREZProyecto de Acreditación según ISO 15.189.: Desarrollo e implementación de un sistema de gestión de la calidad en un laboratorio de referencia ?Unidad de Elementos Traza?
  ''978-3-8383-0757-2Gina CrocenziLiterature and the Science of the Unknowable: Julia Kristeva and Gaston Bachelard
2009978-3-8383-0759-6Dieudonné KazadiNon-Newtonian Losses Through Diaphragm Valves: A deeper study
  ''978-3-8383-0760-2Susana IranzoThree Essays on Economic Geography: Theory and Estimation
  ''978-3-8383-0761-9Charles QuaintanceThe Blessed Life: Theological Interpretation and Use of the Beatitudes by Augustine, Calvin, and Barth
  ''978-3-8383-0762-6Paul McMahonGeorge Frideric Handel and Giovanni Battista Draghi: Contrasting Approaches to Text Setting in John Dryden¿s A Song for St Cecilia¿s Day, 1687
  ''978-3-8383-0763-3Ruth AlasOrganisational changes during the transition in Estonia: Major influencing behavioural factors
2009978-3-8383-0764-0Liguo HuoRobotic Joint-Motion Optimization of Functionally-Redundant Tasks: With Application on Joint-Limits and Singularity Avoidance
  ''978-3-8383-0765-7MUHAMAD NADRATUZZAMAN HOSENProfiles and Economic Performance of Dairy Co-operatives in Indonesia: A Case Study of Five Dairy Co-operatives in Java, 1980-1996
  ''978-3-8383-0766-4Uning BudihartiEVALUATION OF A VACUUM FRYER FOR JACKFRUIT AND BANANA CHIPS: machine performance evaluation
2010978-3-8383-0767-1Kathryn A. Ziegler"Formidable-Femininity": Performing Gender and Third Wave Feminism in a Women's Self-Defense Class
2009978-3-8383-0768-8Denise Orpustan-LoveAn Exploration into Basque Spiritualism: A Heuristic Study
  ''978-3-8383-0769-5Andree' SampsonStress and College/University Students: Factors and Coping Strategies/Resources
  ''978-3-8383-0770-1Bo WenThermally Stimulated Luminescence Excitation Spectroscopy: Application on Measuring the Photoionization Energy of Sr(SCN)2:Eu2+
2009978-3-8383-0771-8Yueju WangPlant Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Genes: Overexpression of Antioxidant Genes in Transgenic Tomatoes Protects Plants Against Multiple Stresses
  ''978-3-8383-0772-5Linda HemphillThe Bollywood Mythological: Rise and Decline
  ''978-3-8383-0773-2Lucia KurekováElectoral Revolutions and Their Socioeconomic Impact: Democratization and Socioeconomic Development in Bulgaria and Slovakia
  ''978-3-8383-0774-9Susan Marie MelhuishWearing a Coat of Many Colours: Archbishop Philip Wilson practising the art of servant leadership
  ''978-3-8383-0775-6Joann BeatheaNow Think About That!: Understanding Aggression of African American Women on Probation and Parole
2009978-3-8383-0776-3Lai Yuk ChingChinese Adolescent Suicidal Ideation: Personal and Family Correlates
  ''978-3-8383-0777-0Kim LeDuffTales of Two Cities: How Race and Crime Intersect on Local TV News: In New Orleans and Indianapolis
2010978-3-8383-0778-7Abdelmuhdi AljarrahOnline Courses: Towards Developing Educational Systems: Online and Educational Development
2009978-3-8383-0780-0Alessandro AssisLearner Modeling in Continuously Adapting Hypermedia: Inferring Dynamic Learning Behavior
2011978-3-8383-0781-7Elizabeth H. FraneyImmunity, Individuals and International Law: Which Individuals are Immune from the Jurisdiction of National Courts under International law
2009978-3-8383-0782-4Maureen EllisPedagogical Issues: Adapting A Large, Lecture-Based Course To The Web: Instructional Design Theory For Adapting A Large, Lecture-Based Course To An Online Learning Environment
  ''978-3-8383-0783-1Valgerður Hjördís BjarnadóttirThe Saga of Vanadís, Völva and Valkyrja: Images of the Divine from the Memory of an Islandic Woman
2010978-3-8383-0784-8Cheryl WilczakGender Differences in NYC Police Officer Trauma: 9/11 and Aftermath: A methodology for assessing and comparing post-traumatic stress disorder
2009978-3-8383-0785-5Anton WolfaardtThe conservation value of cleaning oiled African Penguins: A study of the impact of oil pollution on the African Penguin, and the conservation value of de-oiling contaminated birds
  ''978-3-8383-0787-9Regina McDuffieWeb Page Design: Developing Cognition: Constructivist Approaches to Technology and Literacy Education in the 21st Century
2009978-3-8383-0788-6Trevor BradleyThe Politics of Community Crime Prevention: The New Zealand Experience
  ''978-3-8383-0789-3Aldy K MardikantoRequirements Analysis of Developing Communities' Sanitation Management: Case Study in Cimahi, Indonesia
2010978-3-8383-0790-9In-sung KimDrawing Time with Temporal Drawing: A Research by Design on Architectural Representation of Time
  ''978-3-8383-0792-3KALPANA SURENDRANATHAbrus Toxins: Study of the dangerous lectin duo present in the seeds of Indian licorice
  ''978-3-8383-0793-0Zoleka MbindaMergers in Higher Education - A South African Perspective: Merger versus Change management
2010978-3-8383-0794-7Brianne NeptinAlternatives for Pollution Reduction in Residential Developments: An Economic Analysis
2009978-3-8383-0795-4Jessie KrienertMasculinity and Violence: Testing an Integrated Model
  ''978-3-8383-0796-1Sami QutobCharacterization of Human Cell Lines with Different Radiosensitivities: The Generation of a Model System for Distinguishing the Genetic Factors involved in Radiation Resistance
2009978-3-8383-0797-8Justice Owusu-AnsahUrban Dispersal around Kumasi, Ghana: Processes, Outcomes and Policy
  ''978-3-8383-0798-5Jamie HeapAmos 'King' Seaman and Minudie, Nova Scotia: Rural Entrepreneurial and Community Development in the Maritimes, 1686-1886
  ''978-3-8383-0799-2Carl ThomenIs it cricket?: An ethical evaluation of race quotas in South African sport
  ''978-3-8383-0800-5Symeon PapadopoulosKey Success Factors in Internet Advertising: The role of Online User Activity and Social Context
  ''978-3-8383-0801-2Ben DempsterClimate Calculus: Does realism explain the Howard Government's decision not to ratify the Kyoto Protocol?
2009978-3-8383-0802-9Noman ShabbirRadio Resource Management in WiMAX: RF Planning in WiMAX
2010978-3-8383-0803-6Chanju leeBIRTH AND WOMEN IN MYTHOLOGY: Metaphors and symbols of women and mothers in the art project, The Birth
2009978-3-8383-0805-0Aiesha TurmanWith These Words, We Manifest: 19th Century Black Women's Literature As A Tool For Contemporary African American Youth
  ''978-3-8383-0806-7Thanawin RatamethaCRM: Software as a Service versus On-premise - benefits and drawbacks: CRM: Software as a Service versus On-premise - benefits and drawbacks
  ''978-3-8383-0807-4Enkhbat RentsenQuasiconvex Programming and its Applications: Quasiconvex Maximization Problem Quasiconvex Minimization Problem Nonconvex Optimal control Problem Applications
  ''978-3-8383-0808-1Songshan (Sam) HuangStructural Analysis of Tourist Behavior: A Study on Past Mainland Chinese Visitors to Hong Kong
2018978-3-8383-0809-8P. A. McGavinEconomic Language in Luke-Acts: A theological and economic reading of the Lukan text
2009978-3-8383-0810-4Mickey ShacharDistance Learning Is Here To Stay: Differences Between Traditional and Distance Learning Outcomes - A Meta-Analytical Comparative Approach
  ''978-3-8383-0811-1Agnes NowaczekPlanning for outdoor recreation as one means of urban revitalization: Case study of the core area of City of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
2009978-3-8383-0813-5Chanda NimbkarImproving lamb production of Deccani sheep by FecB gene introgression: A study of the genetic improvement aspects of a development project
  ''978-3-8383-0814-2Jorge Rodriguez-HernandezInvestigación de secciones permeables de firmes para vías urbanas.: Análisis de la capacidad de infiltración y de la funcionalidad de firmes permeables de adoquines y mezcla bituminosa porosa.
  ''978-3-8383-0815-9Matthew ThorntonCatalytic Carbon Deposition on 3D Carbon Fibre Supports: Nickel Catalysed Deposition of Nanostructured Carbons for the Formation of C-C Composites
  ''978-3-8383-0816-6Hele HammerStrategic Investment Decisions: Evidence from Survey and Field Research in Estonia
  ''978-3-8383-0817-3Glenn SimonelliA Validation Study of Standardized Elementary Science Test Scores: Scores of the Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress-Plus
2009978-3-8383-0818-0Elda De WaalEducator-learner relationships in South African public schools: An educational-juridical perspective
2010978-3-8383-0819-7Eileen EppigImages of God and Self in Women's Slave Narratives: Stories of Faith and Courage
2009978-3-8383-0820-3Christopher BarrickSoliloquies and Dances: An Analytical Introduction to the Solo Saxophone Repertoire of American Composer Elliot Del Borgo
  ''978-3-8383-0821-0Farzana Karim-TessemAmong Cultures:: Acculturation Experience of First Generation Muslim Immigrant Women in a Canadian Prairie City
  ''978-3-8383-0822-7David LorenziInclusion in Physical Education: A Case Study of Two Schools' Inclusion Practices in Elementary Physical Education
  ''978-3-8383-0823-4Asl?gül BerktayThe ?Anti-Nationalist? Liberation of Turkish Historiography: The Contributions of Three Turkish Historians to an Understanding of the Byzantine Legacy
  ''978-3-8383-0824-1Jan ReynekeCultural diversity management: A model for managing cultural diversity in international joint ventures
2009978-3-8383-0825-8Josephine EbomoyiProblem solving skills and Learning strategies of Students: Theories, Research, Technological applications and attributes for success as a learner
2010978-3-8383-0826-5Stephen RooklidgeAntibiotics in the Environment: Contaminant Removal by Water Filtration
2009978-3-8383-0827-2Wendy Haslem'A Charade of Innocence and Vice': Hollywood Gothic Films of the 1940s
  ''978-3-8383-0828-9Katie ZhukovInstrumental music teaching and learning in Australia: Teacher/student behaviours in higher education studio
  ''978-3-8383-0829-6Mark BreachAstrogeodetic Levelling: An automated approach
  ''978-3-8383-0830-2Manh Thang DaoAn investigation into library use: by Vietnamese students at Victoria University of Wellington
2010978-3-8383-0831-9Paulo Vila MaiorEconomic and Monetary Union with Fiscal Federalism: Between Desirability and Feasibility
  ''978-3-8383-0832-6Hamid HassanpourNewborn EEG Seizure Detection: Using low and High frequecy Signatures
2009978-3-8383-0833-3Dolapo Adeniji-NeillThe Yoruba Oral Culture as Indigenous Education: Praise poetry, folktales and folklore
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