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ISBN 978-3-8383-0635-3 bis 978-3-8383-0842-5 < ISBN 978-3-8383-0843-2 bis 978-3-8383-1051-0 > ISBN 978-3-8383-1052-7 bis 978-3-8383-1260-6

2009978-3-8383-0843-2Nagib Du ToitEvisceration and Sympathetic Ophthalmia: Is there a risk?
  ''978-3-8383-0844-9Hui-chin YehThe shared learning of an EFL teacher study group: An emergence model of teacher professional development
2010978-3-8383-0845-6AUGUSTA ADJEI FREMPONGFood Operation in Senior High Schools: An investigation into students' feeding programme in Ghana
2009978-3-8383-0846-3Irene NeroTransformations in Architecture: Frank Gehry's Techno-Morphism at the Guggenheim Bilbao
  ''978-3-8383-0847-0Eddie BlassThe Future University: A Corporate, Virtual and Global Model
  ''978-3-8383-0848-7Nisakorn KlanarongFemale International Labour Migration from Southern Thailand: Female Migration from Southern Thailand
  ''978-3-8383-0849-4Wendy J. Eberle-SinatraEast and West in Dialogue: Poetic Language Innovation in the May Fourth and Modernist Movements
2010978-3-8383-0850-0Jianhai BiChina Politic and Taiwan Crisis: China's Leadership Succession and the 1995-96 Taiwan Strait Crisis
2009978-3-8383-0851-7Shadrick MazazaUrban African Traditional Healers: Their Understanding of and Beliefs about Biomedical Diseases
2010978-3-8383-0852-4Victoria ChanceThe Romantic Novels of Susan Edmonstone Ferrier: A Scottish Woman''s Perspective of Her Times
2009978-3-8383-0853-1Osama MarzoukNonlinear Wake Phenomena: Computational Studies and Improved Reduced-Order Modeling
2009978-3-8383-0854-8Theresa AlyNovel Genetic Analysis Predicts Extreme Risk for Type 1A Diabetes: Novel Genetic Analysis of the MHC Region Allows Prediction of Extreme Genetic Risk for Type 1A Diabetes
  ''978-3-8383-0855-5Zuoping LiA Novel Sensor and Corrosion Measurement System: For Real Time Corrosion Monitoring in Combustion Environments
  ''978-3-8383-0856-2Mahasti HashemiContested Identities: Iranian Women in the United States
  ''978-3-8383-0857-9Juma H. LungoDesign-Reality Gaps in Open Source Information Systems Development: An Action Research Study
  ''978-3-8383-0858-6Trevor HayChina's Proletarian Myth: The Revolutionary Narrative and Model Theatre of the Cultural Revolution
2010978-3-8383-0859-3Pradeep P. Lodha · Ashvani K. GosainIntegrated Watershed Management through Simulation Modelling: With Livelihood Linkages and GIS based Approaches
2009978-3-8383-0860-9Hanna JärvenpääHow fine aggregates affect concrete properties?: Predicting interactions with Bayesian method
2010978-3-8383-0861-6Robert CardulloEugene O'Neill's "The Hairy Ape": Text and Context
2009978-3-8383-0862-3Emil VassevGeneral Architecture for Demand Migration in Distributed Systems: General Architecture for Demand Migration in Distributed Systems
2009978-3-8383-0863-0ADITYA PARIDAPerformance Measurement for Maintenance:: A multi-criteria hierarchical approach
  ''978-3-8383-0864-7Masami TamagawaRediscovering Japanese Motherhood: The Transformation of Western Feminist Ideas in Japan
2010978-3-8383-0865-4Lisa DanchoDepressed Mood in Adolescents: Cognitive and Personality Correlates of Adolescent Depressed Mood
2011978-3-8383-0866-1Katia TiutiunnikThe Symbolic Dimension: An Exploration of the Compositional Process
2009978-3-8383-0867-8Richard MalekA Framework for Alternation of Meta-heuristic Algorithms: Alternation of Meta-heuristic Algorithms with Runtime Analysis and Parameter Adaptation
  ''978-3-8383-0868-5Robert MeagherDiagnosis and Treatment Recommendations For Autistic Students: Factors that influence diagnosis and treatment recommendations for autistic students: A survey of school psychologists
  ''978-3-8383-0870-8Michael ObyBlack Press Coverage of The Emmett Till Lynching: A Catalyst to The Civil Rights Movement
2009978-3-8383-0871-5Ana CanenTeacher Education and Competence in an Intercultural Perspective: Some Reflections in Brazil and the UK
  ''978-3-8383-0872-2Wahdi YudhiIndonesia and Australia Relations: A Study on Cross-cultural Negotiations
  ''978-3-8383-0873-9Surekha NelavalaLiberation beyond Borders: Dalit Feminist Hermeneutics and Four Gospel Women
2010978-3-8383-0874-6Juan-Carlos HERNANDEZ · Belén CARMONAESTELAS DE JAZZ: Un libro de fotografías de músicos de jazz, donde las notas traspasan los márgenes de las páginas
2009978-3-8383-0875-3Emily TylerUsing Real Options to value the impact of climate change: A case study of Sappi, a South African pulp and paper company
  ''978-3-8383-0876-0Raili NuginThe Implementation of Stalinist Art Model in Estonia in 1945-1950: A Story of Defeat of Artists' Free Will
  ''978-3-8383-0877-7George Gordon-SmithSympathetic Observations: Widowhood, Spectatorship, and Sympathy in the Fiction of Henry James
2009978-3-8383-0878-4Monica Byrne-JimenezCollaborative Inquiry: A Professional Development Tool for Principals of Urban, Low-Performing Schools
  ''978-3-8383-0879-1Cassie LipowitzAscending the Ladder: The Spiritual Stages of Development in the Works of Jalaludin Rumi
2010978-3-8383-0880-7Roy T.H. CheungRunning shoe design for runners with overpronation of foot: Does it evidence based?
2009978-3-8383-0881-4Trevor ThwaitesBeing-literate-in-the-world: Music, language and discourse in education
2010978-3-8383-0882-1Kavisha RamdayalSingle Nucleotide Polymorphisms among Established Ovarian Cancer Genes: Incidence and Regulatory Implications
2009978-3-8383-0883-8Celina BochisMagnitude of Impervious Surfaces in Urban Areas: Components of Imperviousness, Its Measurement and Estimation
  ''978-3-8383-0884-5Andrea BallabeniDual Role of Geminin Protein During Human Cell Cycle: How the protein Geminin safeguards the human genome
  ''978-3-8383-0885-2Rita SzudoczkyTakeover regulations and protection of minority shareholders: A comparison between the European and US approach
  ''978-3-8383-0886-9Martina DanneckerMyogenic Transformation of Emotions: A Dialectical Inquiry into Western Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology
2009978-3-8383-0887-6Yanrong (Yvonne) ChangCulture and Communication: An Ethnographic Study of Chinese Criminal Courtroom Communication
  ''978-3-8383-0888-3Jung-ran ParkMarking discourse coherence and social-interpersonal meaning: Semantic shifts and functional development of discourse-pragmatic markers in Korean
  ''978-3-8383-0889-0Nuttanart FacundesVerb Complexes in Thai: A Syntactic-Semantic Investigation of Thai Complex Verb Phrases
  ''978-3-8383-0891-3Maria LatukhinaIndividual and Collective Rights in Africa: How They are Interrelated with Economics and Politics
2010978-3-8383-0892-0JOSEPHINE M. NKOSANAThe Dynamics of Intergenerational Sexual Relationships: The Prevalence, Determinants and Dynamics of Intergenerational Sexual Relationships in Urban Botswana
2009978-3-8383-0893-7Sara KwiecinskiCommemorating Great Men: The Artist¿s Studio as a Shrine, 1860-1890
  ''978-3-8383-0894-4Gilles BrouilletteThe Healing Potential of Breathing: A Integrative Approach to Personal Transformation
2009978-3-8383-0896-8Datong SunMODELING GAS-LIQUID HEAD PERFORMANCE OF ELECTRICAL SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS: with prediction of pressure and void fraction distributions along impeller and diffuser channels
2009978-3-8383-0898-2Edward RogersExplaining Satan: An Examination of Neo-Christian criticism of John Milton's Paradise Lost
  ''978-3-8383-0899-9Thom BowerCritical Pedagogy in Christian Education: Philosophy, Theory, and Practice
  ''978-3-8383-0900-2Amitava BiswasPERIORAL SENSORIMOTOR INTEGRATION IN PARKINSON'S DISEASE: An Application of Kalman Model Principles in Health Sciences
  ''978-3-8383-0901-9Gert De HertoghBacterial flora in Crohn's disease tissues: A molecular approach
  ''978-3-8383-0902-6Andreas AlmqvistOn the Effects of Surface Roughness in Lubrication
2009978-3-8383-0903-3Pasi ReinikainenProblems with International Student Assessments: A study of science achievement in six countries based on IEA?s TIMSS data
  ''978-3-8383-0904-0Maurice MarshallsCOUNTRY IMAGE AND ITS EFFECTS IN PROMOTING A TOURIST DESTINATION: A Case Study of South African Image
  ''978-3-8383-0905-7Kerry WilkinsonOak Lactone Formation in Wine and Spirits: The Role of Glycosidic Precursors
  ''978-3-8383-0907-1Citing LiRequests: A cross-cultural study of interlanguage pragmatic strategy
  ''978-3-8383-0908-8Barbara BeattieCommunity participation in mining committees: Two case studies in Australia
2009978-3-8383-0909-5NGA VONexus between organisational culture and IT implementation success: A study of Vietnamese organisations
  ''978-3-8383-0911-8Mika KerttunenIndia - a Nuclear Weapons Power: Nuclear Weapons and Indian Foreign Policy
  ''978-3-8383-0912-5Citing LiChinese EFL Learners? Pragmatic and Discourse Transfer in L2 Requests
2010978-3-8383-0913-2Sheila Flener3 Adaptive Reuse Projects: Bowling Green, Kentucky
2009978-3-8383-0914-9Susan Marie MelhuishFollowing the Leader: A study of follower styles, roles and relationships in an organisational context
  ''978-3-8383-0915-6Elina Oksanen-YlikoskiBusinesswomen, dabblers, revivalists or conmen?: Selling and Sales People within Academic, Network Marketing Practioner and Media Discourses
2010978-3-8383-0916-3Ambrose Bruce ChimbgandaInformation Processing Skills:: A Study of the Summarizing Strategies Used by ESL University Students
2012978-3-8383-0917-0Bayram Akarsu · Beyhan AkarsuStudents' Conceptual Understanding of Quantum Physics at College
2009978-3-8383-0918-7Joseph J. DarowskiThe American Way: What Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and The X-Men Reveal About America
2009978-3-8383-0920-0Norman BreuerHousehold Resilience: Linking Sustainability, Food Security, and Improved Livelihoods in an Agrosocioecosystem
  ''978-3-8383-0921-7Robin McCordWomen's Work: Science, Satisfaction and Success: Is academic success in the physical sciences the same for men and women?
  ''978-3-8383-0922-4Carolyn Gentle-GenittyTracking more than absences: Impact of school's social bonding on chronic truancy
  ''978-3-8383-0923-1Martin BagayaAn Analysis of IT/IS Offshore Outsourcing: Educator Perspectives: Outsourcing as a commercial transfer of products/services replacing domestic workers ... countries, is related to IT/IS enrolment
  ''978-3-8383-0924-8Gale Solomon-HenryAfrican Indigenous Knowledges and Education in Contemporary Schools: Implications for Youth of African Descent and Black Focused Schools in Toronto
2009978-3-8383-0925-5Desheng ZhouIntegrity of Petroleum Wells Offshore: The first monographic book on well integrity in shallow sediments subsea
  ''978-3-8383-0926-2Yunpeng SongSpheroidal Dielectric Resonator Antenna: Analysis of Hemispheroidal Dielectric Resonator Antenna Utilizing Dyadic Green's Function
  ''978-3-8383-0927-9Michael O'NeilA New Class of Analysis-Based Fast Transforms: With applications to classical integral transforms and special function expansions
  ''978-3-8383-0928-6Donna GoldingSoul Intelligence, Spiritual Development and Intuitive Ways of Knowing: A Self-help Manual for Assessing, Enhancing, Implementing and Evaluating Spiritual Development
  ''978-3-8383-0929-3Eileen WillisPurgatorial time in hospitals: Time, work and health care
  ''978-3-8383-0931-6Michael X SavvasTall Stories: The role of the crime novel in Storytelling Reconciliation
  ''978-3-8383-0932-3Massimo PadalinoSurgery for congenital heart disease in the adult age: A new challenge for the third millenium
  ''978-3-8383-0933-0Jeffrey WeaverProblem Definition (Lack of Leadership): An example of a disseration and how to define each chapter
  ''978-3-8383-0934-7Jeffrey WeaverHow To Write A Business Plan: A Master's Thesis Project
2009978-3-8383-0935-4Jeffrey S. WeaverDr. Weaver?s Guide to Completing a Graduate Comprehensive Exam: Tips and steps to completing your exam and steps to finishing your dissertation
  ''978-3-8383-0936-1Nosisi MpolweniOrality-Literacy debate: selected work of S.E.K. Mqhayi: Orality-Literacy debate with special reference to selected work of S.E.K. Mqhayi
  ''978-3-8383-0937-8Marilyn SteinbachEquity for new Canadians: Considering cultural worldviews in adult education
2010978-3-8383-0938-5Changming YuanPolitics and Poetics: A Comparative Study of John Keats and Li He
2009978-3-8383-0939-2Nadia MinianNegotiating an Identity in an Alternative to Incarceration Program
  ''978-3-8383-0940-8Marcelle CalitzShakespeare¿s influence in some of Harold Pinter¿s plays: Shakespearean aspects in Pinter's plays
  ''978-3-8383-0941-5Chris Yu-liang LiuComputer Vision: Three-Dimensional Hand Tracking and Surface-Geometry Measurement for a Robot-Vision System
2009978-3-8383-0942-2Morgan PoteetTransforming Identities: Latin American Youths and Culture in Toronto
  ''978-3-8383-0943-9Esteban DalehiteEconomic development vs. education: Are property tax abatements and K-12 school finance equalization policies at cross-purposes?
  ''978-3-8383-0944-6Wafik MoussaDesigning a Driver Vigilance Monitoring Device: Application Driven Development of an FPGA Based Multiprocessor System
  ''978-3-8383-0945-3Sinh Van HaSecond Language Acquisition in EFL Teacher Training in Vietnam: Training in Classroom-based Input and Interaction
  ''978-3-8383-0946-0Chun Chet TanAUTOENCODER NEURAL NETWORKS: A Performance Study Based on Image Reconstruction, Recognition and Compression
2011978-3-8383-0947-7David SalisburyTali nan Bapilin Tigo (three strings entwined):: A study of the Minangkabau Talempong tradition in West Sumatra, Indonesia
2010978-3-8383-0948-4Nargis BegumAzima tetracantha Lam.: Phytochemical, Pharmacological and Pharmacognostical study
2009978-3-8383-0949-1Jariya ChatcheydangFactors Influencing HRQOL of Women CGs of Elderly Stroke in Thailand: CGs Characteristics, Severity of Stroke, Caregiver Strain and Rewards of Caregiving
2009978-3-8383-0950-7Turhan ÖzgürDomain-Specific Modeling: A Practical Approach: A comparison of Microsoft DSL Tools and Eclipse Modeling Frameworks in the context of Model-Driven Development
  ''978-3-8383-0951-4Rahul BediCorporate Governance Triangle in the Post Sarbanes-Oxley Period: Attitudes of Three Anchors ? Executive Management, Independent Directors, and Long Term Pension Fund Shareholders
  ''978-3-8383-0952-1Martin ClarkeStimulating Organisational Democracy: Leadership, Voluntarism and Political Leadership
2010978-3-8383-0953-8Fatma Ülkü SelçukState Theory: Mechanisms for the Bourgeois Hold of State Power and the Case of Turkey
2009978-3-8383-0954-5Christian BalsigerFate of volatile fluorinated compounds in the subsurface: Analytical tools for a better understanding of halogenated compounds behavior in the environment and their remediation
2010978-3-8383-0955-2Lenka KlimplováThe Czech Republic and the Varieties of Capitalism Approach: Is the Czech Market Economy Liberal or Coordinated?
2009978-3-8383-0956-9Yousef KilaniSpeeding up Local Search By Using the Island Confinement Method: Faster Local Search by Considering Some Constraints as Hard
  ''978-3-8383-0957-6Albert TsangMaintenance Performance Management in Capital Intensive Organizations: Key to Optimizing Management of Physical Infrastructure Assets
  ''978-3-8383-0958-3Aaron D. QuastelImpurity Effects on Deuterium Retention in Single Crystal Tungsten: Plasma?Surface Interaction, Plasma Facing Materials in Fusion Reactors - Fusion Research
2012978-3-8383-0959-0Mazen IstanbouliExploratory Case Study of Religio-Cultural Issues in an Islamic School: Implications for Socialization and Enculturation
2009978-3-8383-0960-6Annette Daoud?The ESL Kids Are Over There?: Social and Language Boundaries between Immigrant Latino and White High School Students
978-3-8383-0961-3John CoxheadThe Pluralisation of Policing: The Police, Private Security and Public Consent
2009978-3-8383-0962-0Sally Bodkin-AllenBeing Musical: Teachers, Music, and Identity in Early Childhood Education in Aotearoa/New Zealand
2009978-3-8383-0963-7Sally KnipeYoung People in Education and Employment: The Data Trail: Young people in the education and training sectors
  ''978-3-8383-0964-4Efa YonnediPrivatisation, Governance, and Corporate Performance: Indonesia's Experiences of Public Enterprises Reforms
  ''978-3-8383-0965-1Mohammad-Reza AlamNonlinear interaction of waves in a two-layer density stratified fluid: Selected problems in nonlinear wave-wave and wave-bottom interactions in a two-layer fluid
  ''978-3-8383-0966-8Sandeep DhungelUsing Wiki as collaborative learning tool in Public Schools of Nepal: FOR STUDENTS TO HELP AND SUPPORT STUDENTS IN THEIR LEARNING BEHAVIOR
2012978-3-8383-0967-5Javier Perez CastilloRuido en Bombas Centrífugas por Interacción Rodete Voluta: Generación de Ruido Tonal en Bombas Centrífugas por Interacción Fluidodinámica entre Rodete y Voluta
2009978-3-8383-0968-2Mahmood A. MahdaviComputational Approaches In Systems Biology: protein-protein interactions and its contribution in the Reconstruction of Metabolic Networks: A worm case study
  ''978-3-8383-0969-9Adam LutwinFoundations of American Standardized Education: Origins of the Common School and its Foundations and Effects on Social Efficiency and Standardized Testing and Education
2009978-3-8383-0970-5Jasmine DavdaPhysiologically Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling: Of Monoclonal Antibodies
  ''978-3-8383-0971-2shashikiran donthamsettyMechanisms of Altered Hepatotoxicity in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver: Mechanisms of Altered Hepatotoxicity in Hepatic Steatosis and Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis
  ''978-3-8383-0972-9Thaddeus R. F. Fulford-JonesMice in Space: The Story of the Mars Gravity Biosatellite: An Inside Look at the Design and Validation of an Unprecedented Independent Spaceflight Platform
  ''978-3-8383-0973-6Araya KebedeMovement Along the Baton Rouge Fault: Study aiming at determining the rate of modern movement
  ''978-3-8383-0974-3Divesh LjungströmBeta values: Risk Calculation for Axfood and Volvo Bottom up beta approach vs. CAPM beta
2009978-3-8383-0975-0Anton TokarevApplied electrochemical methods for heterogeneous catalysis: Surface area measurements of supported metals and potentiometry of the catalyst slurry to study double layer composition
2010978-3-8383-0976-7Christoph UllmannCrossing the boundaries: Integrated development planning ''IDP'' in Post Apartheid Cape Town
2009978-3-8383-0977-4Craig SchneiderThe Implementation of the Medicare+Choice Program:: The Interaction of Congress, the Executive Branch, and the Insurance Industry
  ''978-3-8383-0978-1Maude DikobeDoing She Own Thing: Gender, Performance and Subversion in Trinidad Calypso
  ''978-3-8383-0979-8Alyce BakerToni Morrison?s Novels:: The Grotesque as Social, Cultural and Political Aesthetic
  ''978-3-8383-0980-4Laura CabreraNanotechnology:: beyond human nature?
  ''978-3-8383-0981-1Olga TsubrikModern synthesis of multisubstituted hydrazines: The protecting groups methodology and the N-arylation aspects
2009978-3-8383-0982-8Dongqing ChenCurvature Analysis Based Framework for Virtual Colonoscopy: Segmentation, Reconstruction, Navigation and Clinical Validation
  ''978-3-8383-0983-5Alicia WegnerLearning Strategies: Top-level Structuring in Tertiary Education
  ''978-3-8383-0984-2Toni DarbasDemocracy, Consultation and Socio-Environmental Degradation: Diagnostic insights from the Western Sydney/Hawkesbury-Nepean Region
  ''978-3-8383-0985-9Archana NairAcoustic Emission Evaluation of RC beams and Bridges: A Quantitative Outlook
  ''978-3-8383-0986-6Abubakr SaeedEmpirical Analysis of the Capital Structure Determinants: Determinants of Capital Structure: An Empirical Analysis of Listed Firms
2010978-3-8383-0987-3Craig MaddronInternational Leadership and Negotiations: Strategies for development
2009978-3-8383-0988-0Craig FollinsHope and Change: An Analysis of the Expectations and Actual Experiences of Students in Welfare to Work Programs: A Community College Case Study
2009978-3-8383-0989-7Gina BorgioliUnderstanding Equitable Mathematics Pedagogy: Three Teachers' Constructions
2012978-3-8383-0990-3Satyendra singh Baghel · Rajendra singh Baghel · Nikhil ShrivastavaBlack Turmeric: A Herbal Drug For Hepatotoxicity
2009978-3-8383-0991-0Ila NagarThe Kotis of Lucknow: Language, Gender and Sexuality
  ''978-3-8383-0992-7Slavko TosicFoolproof Completions for High Rate Production Wells
  ''978-3-8383-0993-4Khawja LatifTax Increment Financing for Neighbourhood Redevelopment: A case study of Tax Increment Financing for Neighbourhood Redevelopment Planning in Winnipeg
  ''978-3-8383-0994-1Joaquín GinésEL KARST LITORAL EN EL LEVANTE DE MALLORCA: Una aproximación al conocimiento de su morfogénesis y cronología
  ''978-3-8383-0995-8Liz HollingworthComplicated Conversations: Race and Ideology in an Elementary Classroom
2009978-3-8383-0996-5Matthias BischoffAccountability in Policing and Surveillance in the Information Age: Boundaries and Boundary-Crossing in Global Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism
  ''978-3-8383-0997-2Asghedom GhebremichaelMerits of Implementing Parametric and Nonparametric Methods Jointly: Empirical Measures of Technological Progress and Productivity Performance
  ''978-3-8383-0999-6Reda Stankut?Cultural Attractiveness of Dublin and Vilnius: Theories. Descriptions. Analysis.
  ''978-3-8383-1000-8Przemyslaw PawlukStream Databases: The complexity reduction by applying new technology
  ''978-3-8383-1001-5Damian EmetucheWest African Worldviews: New Immigrants in the USA and their Missiological Immplications
2009978-3-8383-1003-9Wardis GirsangParticipatory learning in agricultural extension: Constraints, processes and strategies enhancing adoption of Fasciolosis control in West Java Indonesia
  ''978-3-8383-1004-6Hai Phu DOInstitutional Framework of Participatory Mechanisms: Identifying the Needs of Poor People: Case of Vietnam
  ''978-3-8383-1005-3Irena AsakaiteLogistics and Supply Main Management in Eastern Europe: Especially for automotive industry
  ''978-3-8383-1006-0Jana Rivers NortonTaming Trauma's Wake: Transforming Early Adversity into Literary Form
  ''978-3-8383-1008-4Mark GordonDrifting and Blowing Snow: Measurements and Modelling
2010978-3-8383-1009-1Heather BrownThe Economic Causes and Consequences of Obesity: Three Emprical Applications
2009978-3-8383-1010-7Angelina WeenieResilience And First Nations Students: A Study of Resilience In First Nations Post-Secondary Students
2009978-3-8383-1011-4Mehmet BulduCONSTRUCTIVISM IN EARLY CHILDHOOD TEACHER EDUCATION: Teacher Educator Beliefs and Practices
  ''978-3-8383-1012-1Alexander DoustThe role of phycobilins in cryptophyte photosynthesis: A structural, photophysical and quantum mechanical study
2010978-3-8383-1013-8Andrew EynonMeyerhold and Eisenstein: The creation of a non-realist aesthetic in revolutionary art
2009978-3-8383-1014-5Mohamed Eltayeb M. EisaOptimisation of accelerator optics: and the application of nuclear microscopy to the biomedical field
  ''978-3-8383-1015-2Jane MockAn Ethnographic Study of Intrafamilial Violence in Cayambe, Ecuador: The Pervasive Presence of Intrafamilial Violence in a Small Andean Town In Ecuador, South America
  ''978-3-8383-1016-9Debbie OllisSexualities and Gender in the Classroom: Changing Teacher Practice
  ''978-3-8383-1017-6Anita VestalConflict Resolution in Preschool: A model for teachers and children
2009978-3-8383-1018-3Tim HumphreyThe Experience of Trumpet Performance: Emic and Etic Characteristics in Five Case Studies of Professional Musicians
2011978-3-8383-1019-0Josefine HafenrichterBusiness Models and Human Resource Management: An Empirical Investigation of a Relationship
2009978-3-8383-1020-6Husain Al-YousefERP Productivity Function: ERP Systems Productivity Function
  ''978-3-8383-1021-3Shrihari GopalakrishnaSupersymmetric and Extradimensional Beyond the Standard Model Theories: Aspects and Probes
  ''978-3-8383-1022-0Dirk LessnerNetwork Security for Embedded Systems: A feasibility study of cryptho algorithms on embedded platforms
2010978-3-8383-1023-7Peter OkothA Hierarchical Multi-level Method for Spatially Assessing Soil Erosion: The Case of Kiambu District in Kenya
2009978-3-8383-1024-4VOON CHOONG YAPFinancial Risk Management: Measuring Malaysian Equity Market with VaR
  ''978-3-8383-1025-1Caren Yinxia Guo NielsenThe Efficiency of China's Stock Market with Respect to Monetary Policy: An Empirical Assessment
  ''978-3-8383-1026-8Lesley BlaauwTranscending State-Centrism: New Regionalism and the Future of Southern African regional Integration
2009978-3-8383-1027-5Diva EensooRisk-Taking Behaviour in traffic: Markers of Risk-Taking Behaviour
  ''978-3-8383-1028-2Jiries Abu GhannamThe Internet as a Marketing Tool for Marketing the higher education: A Case study- Marketing the Eastern Mediterranean University Abroad
  ''978-3-8383-1029-9Norhafizah AbdullahExpanded Bed Adsorption Chromatography: For Purification of Recombinant GST Protein
  ''978-3-8383-1030-5Kay HartwigMusic in the year 8 classroom: An Action Research Project: Engaging adolescents in school music
  ''978-3-8383-1031-2Cameron GraysonPrehistoric Secret Societies: The Origin of Clandestine Communities
2009978-3-8383-1032-9Soraya Abad-MotaDocument Interrogation: Architecture, Information Extraction, Approximate Answers
  ''978-3-8383-1033-6Codrin DarangaPOLYMER MODIFIED ASPHALT CEMENTS: Characterization of Aged Bitumens for Recycling Purposes
  ''978-3-8383-1034-3Cornelia LocherSynthesis of Tetrahydroisoquinolines: A Benzotriazole-Mediated Approach
  ''978-3-8383-1035-0David HolnessOur Daily Med: adopting pharmaceutical paperless labeling
2010978-3-8383-1036-7Janakiraman Maruthavanan · Niels Maness · Michael SmithAmmonium Thiosulfate Deflowering Treatments: Influencing Maturity of Once-over Harvest Yield and Capsaicinoid Content of Pepper Fruit
2009978-3-8383-1037-4Kathleen ScaliseToward A Theoretical Basis for Dynamically Driven Content: Computer-Mediated Environments and Personalised eLearning
  ''978-3-8383-1038-1Ines MergelInfluence of social networks on the adoption of eLearning practices: Using social network analysis to understand technology diffusion and adoption decisions
2009978-3-8383-1039-8Georgeta VidicanLand Reallocation During The Post-Socialist Transition: A Regional Analysis of Small Farms in Romania
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